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Marina Scarmato: Argentine Roots, Miami Inspiration

Marina, first and foremost, thank you for being with us. Your story is fascinating. Could you share a bit more about your earliest memories related to art and how your family influenced your artistic calling?

Well, thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity, extremely grateful.

Growing up in Argentina, art classes were mandatory throughout my entire schooling journey, and I can vividly recall the moments when my work was not only praised but also showcased in school exhibitions and even esteemed art museum competitions. Even in my childhood, I often found myself triumphant, basking in the glory of those accomplishments.

One vivid memory takes me back to elementary school, where I was tasked with sculpting a dinosaur. It was a labor of love shared with my beloved Grandma, who introduced me to the method of using a balloon, newspapers, and her magical mixture of water and flour, which she called ‘engrudo.’ As the sculpture dried, it solidified into a rock-like structure, and my mom, in her artistic knowledge, taught me the intricate strokes of oil painting. I want to emphasize that they weren’t merely assisting me; instead, they embarked on their own artistic journeys to guide and inspire me.

Artist: Marina Scarmato @marinascar

Photographer: Gustavo Granados @gustavogranadosphoto

Creative Director: Charina Chacon @charinachacon

Fashion Stylist: Antonio Gomez @antonioggomez

I have many vivid and cherished memories at my grandparent’s home, where we would gather and delight in poetry writing and acting contests. Those joyful times were filled with dance, melodic tunes, captivating storytelling, and the infinite use of our imaginations. They hold a special place in my heart as some of the most extraordinary and treasured moments of my life. These experiences nurtured my independence and ignited a flame within me.

We notice you’ve explored a wide range of artistic disciplines from acting, and music to visual arts. How did this multidisciplinary exploration influence your current style and approach?

I have ventured into various artistic paths, such as acting, music, and visual arts. Each exploration has left a mark on my creative identity of course. And it has shaped my present style and approach. Passion and commitment are the core of my artistic endeavors, instilled in me by my cherished grandparents. Their guidance revolved around infusing anything I do in life with love and positive energy. Thus, my artistic expressions radiate these sentiments, compelling viewers to embark on an emotional journey. When I create a piece, I immerse myself in the stories they tell, transcending the boundaries of my imagination. I don’t do sketches or follow a formula; instead, I allow the artwork to unfold organically. Inspiration may strike me differently on various days, but I always channel my artistry when in a positive mood, for it enhances my connection with the creative process.”

Throughout your life, you’ve resided both in Argentina and Miami. How have these two distinct cultures influenced your art?

The amalgamation of my Argentine roots and my experiences in Miami has undeniably left an indelible imprint on my artistic expression. Argentina, with its European influences, has contributed to my aesthetic sensibilities. From the captivating architecture of Buenos Aires, where I spent my formative years, to the culinary delights and even the incorporation of Italian words into our daily lexicon, the Argentine culture embodies an elegant and refined charm.
On the other hand, the vibrant cultural tapestry of Miami has been a constant source of inspiration and enlightenment. While Miami is predominantly populated by Hispanic communities, each individual carries a unique cultural background. Through my interactions with people from various countries residing in Miami, I have absorbed invaluable insights into diverse cultures. Consequently, my artwork becomes a delicate blend—a symbiosis of Miami’s opulence and a subtle homage to my homeland.

Could you share what the transition from the modeling industry into art was like? Was it a straightforward decision to make?

While my initial aspirations were directed toward the entertainment industry, I unexpectedly found myself entering the world of modeling as a potential pathway. However, being 5ft 7 inches tall posed its challenges, as I soon realized that the industry was not as accessible as I had anticipated. Despite the initial hurdles, my passion for runway modeling ignited an incredible sense of exhilaration whenever I graced the opening of a show. The indescribable feeling I experienced on the runway was unlike anything I had ever known before. Although the decision to transition from modeling to art was not an easy one, it felt like the right path for me. I had a great mentor, Angela Bailey. She taught me everything that there was to know about modeling, and she also helped me make the transition a lot smoother. It pained me to let go of modeling, but I took covid as a sign, let’s say. I knew there were other avenues that could bring me equal or greater happiness. It was during this period that I discovered my talent for drawing, receiving encouraging compliments on the quality of my artwork. That pivotal moment led me to purchase my very first canvas and create my inaugural piece, “No Chanel this month.” From that point forward, the floodgates of inspiration opened, and the ideas have been ceaselessly flowing ever since.

You spoke of the Covid era as a time of challenge but also self-discovery. How did this period shape your art and creative approach?

Amid the challenges brought forth by the Covid era, my fiancé and I made a momentous decision to relocate to a beach house in Daytona Beach. It was an extraordinary opportunity to revel in the simple pleasures of daily beach walks, surrounded by a serene environment that boasted a mesmerizing bird sanctuary and occasional glimpses of dolphins from our abode. This period of solitude and reflection provided ample space for introspection, enabling me to reconnect with my inner self on a profound level. The experiences and emotions that unfolded during this transformative time infused my art with newfound depth and authenticity, shaping not only my creative approach but also the stories I yearned to tell through my artwork.

It appears that you dive into art with great passion and commitment. Could you talk a little about your creative process? How do you bring your ideas to life?

Within each of my paintings resides a profound narrative that I yearn to convey. I take great pleasure in telling stories through my art, and what captivates me the most is the diverse interpretations and imaginative perspectives that individuals bring to my creations. To embark on a new piece, I bypass sketching and instead delve straight into the act of painting. My process lacks rigid formulas or predetermined steps; rather, I allow my vision to unfold organically as I immerse myself in the flow of creativity. Some days, inspiration strikes with greater intensity than others, but I ensure that I engage in art-related activities when my spirits are high, as the act itself brings me immeasurable joy and amplifies my positive disposition.

What materials and processes do you employ to achieve the captivating glitter effect in your artwork, and what inspired you to make it your signature style?

In my artistic process, I employ the use of hand-applied rhinestones to create a dazzling effect in my artwork. Each piece is adorned with tens of thousands of rhinestones in varying sizes and colors. The moment I applied the first rhinestone to my inaugural piece, “No Chanel This Month,” it came to life in a way that exceeded my expectations. It was then that I realized I had stumbled upon something truly remarkable—an artistic technique that not only resonated with me but also set me apart from other artists. Their shimmering presence adds a touch of opulence, capturing the light and casting a radiant glow. Beyond their aesthetic impact, rhinestones symbolize the idea of luxury, glamour, and adornment. They embody the notion of embracing beauty and expressing oneself in a bold and unapologetic manner.

By incorporating rhinestones as a distinctive element in my artwork, I aim to create a visual spectacle that captivates viewers and evokes a sense of awe and fascination. It is my fervent belief that this unique technique not only accentuates the narrative of each piece but also allows me to leave an indelible impression on the observer, creating a lasting connection between the artwork and its beholder.

What would you like people to feel or experience when they see your artwork?

When individuals encounter my artwork, my deepest desire is for them to forge a profound connection with each piece. Currently focusing on pop art, despite its cartoonish nature, my creations possess an inherent ability to speak volumes on their own. Each artwork encapsulates a unique tale, evoking sentiments of joy, excitement, wonder, and a myriad of other emotions. My ultimate goal is to provide viewers with a positive and transformative experience, serving as a catalyst for motivation, inspiration, and a resolute belief that surrendering to challenges is never an option.

How do you handle the difficulties or challenges you encounter in your creative process and how do you overcome creative blocks?

When faced with difficulties or creative blocks, I turn to the power of music. Donning my headphones, I surrender myself to its melodies, allowing the rhythm to course through my veins. Engaging in dance within the confines of my home and seeking solace in the company of my loved ones brings me immense comfort and rejuvenation. It is in these moments of respite that I find the strength to gather my thoughts, rally my determination, and embrace the mantra of “keep swimming” as a reminder to persist in the face of obstacles.

Finally, what are your future aspirations as an artist? Is there a specific project you’re currently working on that you’d like to share with us?

While I still hesitate to deem myself an artist, the journey toward understanding the true essence of that title remains my greatest aspiration. Currently, I am passionately engrossed in creating a collection for the upcoming Miami Art Basel week. With every brushstroke and imaginative concept, I am devoted to crafting an awe-inspiring display that resonates deeply with those who encounter it.I am filled with excitement and a deep longing for this collection to captivate art collectors, evoking strong emotions and leaving a lasting impact.

My sincere hope is that each artwork serves as a source of inspiration, inviting viewers to embark on their own transformative journeys of discovering beauty and meaning.

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