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Louis Vuitton Pre-Spring 23 “Fall in Love” Collection.

Louis Vuitton has unveiled its Pre-Spring 2023 “Fall in Love” collection. A fusion between DJ and designers inspired by the legendary New York loft parties of David Mancuso, considered the first DJ in history.

more about Mancuso

David Mancuso (New York, 1944, died in 2016) The first party in Mancuso’s apartment would be identified as The Loft, at 647 Broadway Avenue-access was by invitation only, and it wasn’t easy to get in. You had to earn it, you had to have the right contacts. It was a place where various marginalized sectors of New York nightlife -gays, Latinos, African-Americans- went to listen to music in a private, relaxed context, where disco music and all its associated culture, that of dancing and the cult of the disc jockey, would emerge. David Mancuso was not a conventional DJ, but he was the first one who could claim his pioneer status.

For David Mancuso, music was sacred and The Loft gradually became a kind of church. Alcohol could not be consumed

Check out the Louis Vuitton Pre-Spring 2023 “Fall in Love” collection below and shop the collection at the official LV online store.

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