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Leica Unveils the Third Generation Q Series Camera – Q3

Leica Q3 with High-Performance Sensor and Advanced Features

Leica has introduced the third iteration of its popular Q series compact cameras, the Leica Q3. Boasting a new full-frame BSI-CMOS sensor integrated with Triple Resolution Technology, this camera can deliver image formats in 60, 36, or 18 MP to suit a variety of user needs. The Q3 offers a versatile ISO range from 50 to 100,000 and is powered by the latest Maestro Series processor combined with L2 Technology. The camera continues to feature the fast Summilux 28mm f/1.7 ASPH lens with an integrated macro mode.

Upgrades and New Features in Leica Q3

The Leica Q3 introduces a high-resolution 3-inch touchscreen display that can be tilted for varying viewing angles, offering increased flexibility to the user. Additionally, a new hybrid autofocus system has been incorporated to ensure quick tracking and enhanced focusing precision.

Q3 Meets the Needs of Modern Content Creators

Regarding video capabilities, the Q3 is capable of recording up to 8k resolution videos, thus meeting the requirements of contemporary content creators. A notable upgrade in the Q3 model is the support for full wireless charging through the Leica Charging Pad.

The Timeless Design of the Leica Q3

In keeping with the company’s tradition, the Q3 embraces Leica’s iconic design – sleek, understated, and timeless. The Leica Q3 will soon be available for approximately $6,558 USD at Leica’s online shop and in stores worldwide.

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