Klisman Rodrigues by António Medeiros

Photographer António Medeiros @medeiros_fotografia captures under his lens in exclusive Klisman Rodrigues represented by We are Models with styling by Sérgio Onze using David Catalán and Nycole. Makeup by Eduardo Estevam @eestebam.

Exclusive by Vanity Teen!

Jacket, blazer, hoodie & cap- Nycole || Pants & boots- David Catalán
Jacket, blazer, hoodie & cap- Nycole || Pants- David Catalán
Jacket & Boots- David Catalán || Suit & shirt- Zara
Blazer & shirt- Zara
All look- David Catalán
Pants- David Catalán || Sunglasses- Production
All look- Nycole
All look- David Catalán || Sunglasses- Production
Jacket- David Catalán
Jacket- David Catalán

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