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Juventus and 032c Release Collaborative Clothing Line

The Blokecore trend continues to be influential, and the “flame” element is also trending under the guidance of many fashion labels. Naturally, innovative brands are not missing the opportunity to incorporate these elements into their designs.

German visual pioneer brand, 032c’s ready-to-wear product line has collaborated with Serie A powerhouse, Juventus, to transform their most representative “Bianconeri” jersey into an array of clothing items. Notably, the “cool” long-sleeved sweater combines the flame elements from 032c’s archive, Juventus’ zebra print, a faux two-piece design, and adds a hood and gloves, all maintaining the upper body shape. The “Flame Hat” is sure to win over many fans.

This series of products is currently available on the official 032c website. Fans of this fusion of trends should not miss out.

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