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Jelly Lin: Babbling brook,Twinkling sunray

As a young actress, Jelly Lin (@jellylinyun) shows her potential in the industry. After she first play a role in Stephen Chow’s film The Mermaid  in 2016, she has also starred in the Legend of Ravaging Dynasties, Journey to the West: Demon Chapter, The Mermaid 2, Battle Through The Heaven, Fall In Love at First Kiss, Symphony’s Romance, A Dream of Splendor, and wine several times of The Best New Actor award. Jelly Yun is seeking nirvana and rebirth. Look toward to her love, that is her guiding principle.

Exclusive for Vanity Teen China!

VT: What “hard work” you have done to maintain your body, and what tips you can share with us?

Jelly Lin: In fact, the best way to maintain your slim figure is to eat less and do more work-out, create a calorie gap and stick to it. Then you will naturally lose weight. If I have to work at next day, I usually avoid spicy and heavy salt food before that day, because those types will cause my edema. I also do exercises when I am with my crew, which will relieve my stress.

VT: We know you often share your outfits on Weibo, will you consider arranging a “Jelly Lin OOTD” series in the future?

Jelly Lin: If my fans like it, I would like to. It is a joy to share with everyone.

VT: What does your personal wardrobe look like? Are there any items that you used to feel average, but have been obsessed with recently?

Jelly Lin: My private clothes are mainly casual and comfortable. Recently, I am more obsessed with different types of sunglasses and hats, I used to wear more regular designs, but now I like to try more different looks.

VT: What are the most useful beauty tips you’ve ever heard? Are there any exclusive beauty tips to share?

Jelly Lin: I think making a good foundation is very important and will make the whole makeup looks clean. For my beauty tips, you guys are welcome to watch the makeup vlogs that I shared on social media.

VT: What do you think yourself are looks like when you get alone? What’s the hobby you’ve been continuing to do?

Jelly Lin: When I’m alone, I like to be quiet, and listening operas or make some delicious meals. The longest-standing hobby probably is researching beauty makeup on your own, and cuisine as well.

VT: Is there something that will fill you with energy?

Jelly Lin: When I have connections with my fans and friends, I can feel the energy of being supported.

VT: How do you think the life that you have been through? What are your expectations for your future?

Jelly Lin: Looking at the past, I feel like I’m growing up so far. I hope that my future will continue to be optimistic, working hard, and keep growing on the trail of actor.

Jelly Lin: A babbling brook, Twinkling sunray 人员列表:

Joint producer 联合出品人Dou Chunyan、Vincent

Chief Editor: 主编:樊玳伶 

Deputy Director of Operations: 运营副主编:李彤

Stylist: 造型:Anna
Photography 摄影师:Cong Li

MakeUp & Hair 妆发:Tianqi Hua
采访:An Chang

Media Operation 新媒体运营:Flora

Graphic Design 设计:张光伟

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