Photographer Mitch Zachary @beautifulandcandid shares an exclusive story starring Jack Gorman @jack.gorman at B&C Models with styling by the photographer himself using Calvin Klein, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Pacsun and more. 

Exclusive by Vanity Teen!  

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Red jumpsuit. Dickies || T-shirt. Pacsun
Beret. Thrifted from Beacons Closet

Sheer shirt. Zara
Red white & Blue Jacket. Model’s own
Underwear. Calvin Klein
White t-shirt. Models’ Own
Britney Shirt.Target || Bottoms. Buffalo Exhange
Shirt. H&M || Pants. Urban Outfitters
Jacket. Friends NYC
Jacket. Friends NYC
Sheer Shirt. Models’ Own
Underwear. Calvin Klein
Pants. Urban Outfitters
T-shirt. Pacsun