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Iñaki Godoy: a super cool experience

Iñaki Godoy burst on the international scene as one of the most prominent, talented, and promising young actors nowadays. But this Mexican actor comes in humility, embracing his roots and promoting diversity while describing this time of his life as a super cool experience.

In his rising career, he went up high from being a little boy chasing his dreams to being part of some relevant Mexican productions. Later, he gained international recognition, and now he has been cast in a dream-come-true project since he will be portraying Luffy in the widely expected live-action version of One Piece.

We certainly know that the best is yet to come for Iñaki Godoy; however, we wanted to be part of these special times for him, so we had a conversation exclusively for Vanity Teen to talk about his career and upcoming projects, besides showing his orgullo Latino.

Let’s check it out!

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy | Photos by Mandy Millard

A super cool experience

VT: You started at a young age and have worked on relevant Mexican projects, but currently, thanks to social media and streaming platforms, your work is gaining international recognition. So, how is it for you to see the acceptance you have been receiving from people around the globe?

IG: I have been doing this professionally since I was 11, and only a few people knew about my work. To get this kind of attention, all of a sudden has been a huge surprise, for which I’m grateful.

I hope that people can find a different understanding of their surroundings with my acting, and although I’ve always thought it doesn’t matter how many people see you on-screen as long as you love what you do, I also recognize that having such a wide audience is an opportunity to talk about important topics and encourage positivity.

VT: Who Killed Sara became a Netflix hit. What can you tell us about being part of this successful show?

IG: I’m happy people enjoyed Who Killed Sara; it was a privilege for me to work with such an amazing team.

Iñaki Godoy | Photos by Mandy Millard
Iñaki Godoy | Photos by Mandy Millard  @mandymillard.photography

It was also my first show with Netflix, which opened a lot of opportunities for my career. Overall, just a super cool experience.

VT: When not acting, how is it a regular day for you?

IG: I try to keep myself busy with things that make me feel good. I exercise, listen to music, play video games, watch movies, hang out with my family, etc. There are also times when I have to do things I don’t like. So, I just try to enjoy whatever I need to do that day.

Be curious

VT: Anime fans are ecstatic because Netflix recently announced the live-action version of One Piece. As part of the cast, how do you deal with all the excitement around this production?

IG: To portray a character like Luffy is one of the greatest honors of my
career and I know that this experience will stay with me forever
regardless of the outcome.

I hope fans will enjoy the live-action just as
much as I’m enjoying working on it. This show is making me grow as
both an actor and person. I’m nervous, but I’m way more excited.

VT: Besides filming One Piece, you have also announced being part of two films and another TV show. What can you share about those projects so far?

IG: These three projects are completely different from each other: One is about a zombie apocalypse, the other about a kid running away from a dark past, and in the last one, I turn into a monster! Mexzombies, No Abras la Puerta, and The imperfects will soon be released. I can’t wait!

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy | Photos by Mandy Millard

VT: In the film Go Youth!, you are part of this group of young people who rebel against a world that does not pay attention to their needs and thoughts. Have you ever felt people should pay more attention to what the youth have to say?

IG: I feel like it goes both ways. We all deserve to be heard; it doesn’t matter
how young or old we are.

I’ve felt underestimated because of my age many times, but I’ve also seen the same thing happen the other way around.

Listening is the key to any kind of problem-solving, so let’s do that before anything else. I once heard someone say we should be less judgmental and more curious; it made a lot of sense to me.

Be curious about what the young and old have to say, be curious!

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy | Photos by Mandy Millard

Be empathetic and eat tacos

VT: You are a busy person and a young guy with personal private needs. So, how do you take care of your mental health?

IG: I’m still figuring that out! There are days when I feel amazing and others when I don’t. I think the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental health is take risks even though my mind tells me not to. Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy; that will always be the path to follow.

Be aware that we all make mistakes, but we can only learn from them to become better. And even though life is sometimes difficult, we can choose to be positive. Just be grateful and enjoy life as much as you can; that’s the only thing that matters!

VT: On several occasions, you have shown your support to Children’s Alopecia Project: Grupo México. Therefore, do you consider people should also do their best to give back and support social causes?

IG: I think that as long as we respect everyone around us, we are already doing our part. However, bringing awareness to certain topics can really make a difference.

My sister Mia is a great example of this. She has no hair because she has alopecia, and it’s been tough for her and a lot of kids to feel comfortable with how they look.

I think that if more people knew about alopecia, maybe kids who have it wouldn’t feel so weird about it. My sister has done a lot to help bring awareness to this topic, and she has changed the lives of many people. Sometimes, all it takes is one person
to find the inspiration and confidence we need. So yeah, I think it’s great to support social causes; it can really change someone’s life just to feel heard and accepted.

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy | Photos by Mandy Millard

VT: Which message would you like to share with those who feel inspired for your job and would like to pursue a career in scenic arts?

IG: Pursuing any kind of passion is hard, but it’s also the best thing you can do. What matters the most is being happy, so go after your dreams. It takes time, but that’s okay; there’s no rush in doing what you love. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; its always time to do what makes you feel good. And remember, there’s always an opportunity for those who keep moving forward, so never give up.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

IG: Thank you for this interview; I really enjoyed it! If you want to keep up with me, follow me on Instagram: @inakigo Remember to have fun, be empathetic and eat tacos!
Thank you!

Iñaki Godoy
Iñaki Godoy | Photos by Mandy Millard

Before we go

When we approached Iñaki Godoy, he showed the same excitement we now express with the release of this article; his emotion was so pure and sympathetic that we could not do differently than show reciprocity. Even though it would be impossible for me to hide how motivating his words are to me and the joy his success brings me. And I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Of course, we cannot wait to see him in One Piece as well as enjoy the premieres of Mexzombies, No Abras la Puerta, and The Imperfects. But, while we wait for these projects to come out, we invite you to share his excitement for helping others and stand up for diversity and social causes.

Let us spread kindness all over the world!

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