Greg Ross: Shaping the Fashion Landscape with his Evocative FW23 Collection Greg Ross: Shaping the Fashion Landscape with his Evocative FW23 Collection Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Greg Ross: Shaping the Fashion Landscape with his Evocative FW23 Collection

Greg Ross: An Unconventional Creative Force in Fashion

Los Angeles-based artist and creative director Greg Ross has silently made waves in the fashion industry over the years. Known for his unique and innovative approach to art and design, Ross caught the eye of Ye, subsequently becoming a vital cog in the YEEZY brand. His distinct perspective, honed through countless hours spent in vintage shops as his mother was an antique collector, has significantly contributed to the evolving creative vision of YEEZY.

The Birth of the GREG ROSS Label

In 2019, Ross shifted his creative prowess to his eponymous label, GREG ROSS, crafting comfortable yet sophisticated clothing with a keen focus on silhouette, texture, and color inspired by the aged charm of vintage items. Now, the standout designer is back to further mold the fashion industry with his second Fall/Winter 2023 collection.

FW23 Collection: A Reflection of Personal Style and Vision

The latest seasonal collection sees Ross double down on his visionary approach deeply entrenched in the vintage aesthetic of Southern California, distinguished by meticulous detail, quality, and a commitment to sustainability and ethical production. Drawing from his surroundings and memories, the FW23 collection is a reflection of his personal wardrobe, building the unique aesthetic universe of GREG ROSS with evocative silhouettes defined by material constructions and deliberate washes.

Color and Detail: The Hallmarks of GREG ROSS

Apart from the use of classic camouflage, the emotional tones of black and the vibrant red inspired by Ross’s favorite movie, Akira, feature prominently in the engineered garments that underscore a keen attention to detail. The exaggerated shoulders, inspired by protective shoulder pads in football, blend with raw edges, lacing, padding, and knot additions to amplify the design language of GREG ROSS.

Staying true to his interpretation of form and function, washed heavy cotton styles express the relaxed yet robust casual luxury tendency of GREG ROSS in a perfect balance of comfort and refinement.

Look out for the FW23 collection available in the coming weeks. To stay updated on the release, sign up for notifications on the official GREG ROSS website.

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