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From Above by Rodrigo Riz From Above by Rodrigo Riz Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


From Above by Rodrigo Riz

Shot in the beautiful city of Paris, Rodrigo Riz (@rodrigoriz) presents From Above, starring Cosme Carellas and Winslow Hager at 16 Men with styling by Serdane Messamet  (@dallydallygoals) and makeup by Simon Chossier.

A Vanity Teen Exclusive! 

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From Above

Photographer. Rodrigo Riz  | Stylist. Serdane Messamet | ModelsCosme Carellas & Winslow Hager at 16 Men | Makeup. Simon Chossier |  Special thanks to Axelle Vi-Tong.

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