Francisco Henriques by Bartek Szmigulski Francisco Henriques by Bartek Szmigulski Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Francisco Henriques by Bartek Szmigulski

photographer Bartek Szmigulski model Francisco Henriques (@kikohenriiques) from Wilhelmina London (@wilhelminaldn) exclusive shoot for Vanity Teen online!

IMG_9582 IMG_9484 IMG_9531 IMG_9474 IMG_9580 IMG_9255 IMG_9210 IMG_9461 IMG_9275 IMG_9180 IMG_9187 IMG_9157 IMG_9164 IMG_9130 IMG_9029 IMG_9042 IMG_9033 IMG_9054 IMG_9096 IMG_9089 IMG_9122 IMG_9103 IMG_9151 IMG_8979 IMG_8982 IMG_8899 IMG_8883 IMG_8858 IMG_8868 IMG_8792 IMG_8826 IMG_8774 IMG_8787 IMG_8692 IMG_8718 IMG_8675 IMG_8684 IMG_8658 IMG_8660 IMG_8665 IMG_8657


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