Photographer Winnie Nititadakul @bywinnievinzence presents in exclusive ”Last Passenger”. Featuring Eugene Lange @eugene.lange at Topmodels Management @topmodelsmgnt, the story develops around the only boy who survived an air crash.

Taking the traveling concept, the styling by Pat Inthawong @ptagram_ employs pieces from Takara Wong @takarawongofficial Fall/Winter 2017 ”Judas Collection’‘ which adds coolness and adventurousness to the story intertwine with Thanyapa Phukongchai @petchpeth jewelry which is based on traveling as its main concept. Makeup and hair by Chanajit Dechasatidwong @chnjde. Photographer assistant. Suwagan Lerwitworapong @jantenthousand.

Exclusive by Vanity Teen!