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Couleurs by Daniel Jae Oliva

Photographer Daniel Jae Oliva @bydanieljae worked with the handsome model Hubert Smielecki @rrrhub represented by STORM LA @storm_la to create this fashion editorial exclusively for Vanity Teen online!

“For someone who isn’t a big fan of the spring season because of spring allergies, I wanted to look on the positive side and the beauty of it which are the vibrant colors, the butterflies, and the blooming flowers surrounding us. This is definitely something new to me, different idea and direction from the usual that I do. I wanted to focus on the art, the beauty, and the colors, rather than on fashion and stylish clothing. Working with such amazing, talented individuals, Selvar Nguyen @selvarnguyen, who is in charge of the styling, and Shannon Van Horn @makeupbysvh, with grooming, and an amazing model with stunning face and features, Hubert Smielecki @rrrhub represented by STORM LA @storm_la, this project came out to be my most favorite project to date.”

“I think this editorial shows that I can do more. I was able to step out of my comfort zone and be more creative. I definitely wanted to do more in this direction,” says the photographer. In charge of the styling was Selvar Nguyen @selvarnguyen, who put together an array of clothes from different brands such as ASOS, ZARA, Yves Saint Laurent, and Calvin Klein.

“I thank Hubert’s agents Oly and Ryan for giving me the opportunity to work with him. Hubert is such a big part of this project. He has such a beautiful face that I wanted the readers to focus on that. Yes, there are the flowers, butterfly, and makeup, but I made sure that those props don’t overshadow him, but instead, use them to compliment him. Everything just tied together with Hubert embracing the idea and direction of the editorial. He was comfortable, yet very confident in front of the camera. I think his best feature is his eyes. There is something to them that when he looks straight to the camera, it just pierces you.”

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

Model Hubert Smielecki @rrrhub represented by STORM LA @storm_la photographed by Daniel Jae Oliva @bydanieljae styled by Selvar Nguyen @selvarnguyen grooming and makeup by Shannon Van Horn @makeupbysvh, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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