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Chaos at the H&M Launch by Balmain

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The wait was over. The doors opened and hundreds of people raced for the shelves with the intention of grabbing as much as their arms could carry, while the store employees began to recoil, seeing danger coming.

That sums up the launch of the firm H&M, whose latest collaborator was Balmain, with a limited collection of dresses and tops with the incomparable brand of the house. Outside the London store there were so many people waiting that they had to call the police to keep things under control, in what looked more like a protest than the launch of a clothing line.

“One woman climbed up a display to try to take the dress off a mannequin in a showcase”, claimed an eye witness. Apparently, only the security personnel were able to prevent her from succeeding, and not without great effort.

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What’s the cause of all this madness? Partially the leaks that occurred a few weeks ago, which showed dozens of images from the collection, although at first some pointed to a campaign by H&M. And evidently, to the possibility of getting designer clothing from a haute couture firm like Balmain at low prices.

But the key to everything (London is not the only place where you can see this type of scene) has been the hype that the firm has caused in recent years, with huge stars of show business wearing their clothing and sharing photos of it on social media, which has caused the public to covet what their idols are wearing.

Nevertheless, this global fever has led critics to denounce the conditions in which the company’s factory employees have to work, despite not knowing which of the workshops was used to produce the garments.

The truth is that designers as well as firms are in a constant race to get the attention of the public, which is increasingly demanding and wants everything in record time, which places pressure on the creators to launch collections beyond the classic seasons, and negotiate with firms to be able to be in the showcases at least for a few days.

And we are all slaves to fashion, as demonstrated by scenes from the latest H&M launch.


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