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Carla Díaz is a young actress we know and love for portraying Ari Blanco in the worldwide Netflix hit Elite. She is honestly forthright even to recognize she has been lucky in a profession with many ups and downs.

She is kind, her eyes are very expressive, and every time she laughs, we can see he face glowing charmingly. So, to know better this dauntless artist, do not miss the conversation we had exclusively for Vanity Teen.


VT: You began acting at a young age. So, what have you been doing to remain sane and saved in such a demanding profession?

CD: I think that, like everyone else, by surrounding yourself with good friends, family, and therapeutic help, you will not lose your mind; although, I’m not sure if my profession makes it easier or more difficult for me. I consider there are more difficult professions, and the actors who manage to live from this cannot forget how lucky we are.

VT: How would you describe your life before and after Elite?

CD: Although it is true that this work makes things much easier for you because it gives you a lot of exposure, which means you are considered for more new projects. On a day-to-day basis, it is more complicated than that. I mean, you lose a lot of intimacy, and this can be a little bit difficult to handle at times.

VT: What do you cherish the most about Ari Blanco, and what have you learned from her?

CD: Her strength and the ways she has overcome any problem for her or her family.

Carla Díaz: Lucky Carla Díaz: Lucky Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Dress: Fendi | Choker: SUOT STUDIO | Earrings: Papirog

They deleted my Instagram account!

VT: Being part of Elite has allowed you to reach young audiences around the globe. How do you feel knowing that many people can relate to Ari and might be living similar situations at home?

CD:  Elite is a series that doesn’t try to be too realistic. So, I doubt that many young people are living similar situations at home. (Laughs).

VT: Despite your current success, you have chosen to stay somehow quiet and apart from social media. Can you tell us a little about that personal decision?

CD: It really wasn’t a personal decision; they deleted my Instagram account!

VT: Two of your upcoming projects are: Mañana es hoy (Tomorrow is today) and M.A.D.R.E.S. So far, what can you share with us about these projects?

CD: “Tomorrow is Today” is a very funny movie with Carmen Machi, Javier Gutierrez, Asier Ricarte, Antonia de San Juan… among others. I can’t say much more yet.

Carla Díaz: Lucky Carla Díaz: Lucky Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Dress: Becomely | Cross Necklace: UNOde50 | Choker: Pena Jewels | Earrings: Papiroga

I do not intend to be anyone’s role model

VT. What others plans or projects do you have for the future?

CD: Get my driver’s license! (Laughs).

VT. Which simple things make you happy and why?

CD: The people around me, the sea, and good conversations.

VT. Since you have been portraying challenging characters that expose social issues youth experience nowadays, which words would you like to share with those young people who celebrate your work and use it as a way to overcome the difficulties of daily life?

CD: As an actress, in terms of how my characters act or fail to act, I do not intend to be anyone’s role model. In any case, the scriptwriters would be responsible for that. Still, I’m so glad for their love and support.

Carla Díaz: Lucky Carla Díaz: Lucky Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Dress: Becomely | Shoes: Roger Vivier | Cross Necklace: UNOde50 | Choker: Pena Jewels | Earrings: Papiroga

Before we go

Carla Díaz looks to stay true to herself, even if that means not being everyone’s cup of tea. But she is a young actress who enjoys her job and is glad to share her work with people who love her and support her projects.

On Vanity Teen, we love her fierce characters on film and TV and how she is always down to earth despite the over-the-top kinds of roles she sometimes portrays.

We know that most of the things we see on our screens are illusions, but what are we without the fantasies and joy TV shows like Elite bring to our lives?

Be safe and spread love to everyone!

Carla Díaz by Inês Santos

Creative Direction: Timeless Creative Studio (@timelesscreativestudio
Photo and video: Inês Santos (@inesgsantos)
Styling: Erik Erizarte ( @e.erizarte)
Styling Assistant: Cris Lopez (@cristilc_

Make-up: Maria Tattaglia (@maria_tattaglia)
Hair: Gonzalo de Bellido (@gonzalodebellido)
Set Design: Federica Bertorelli (@fede_bertorelli)
Producer: Ariadna Iglesias (@ariadnaiglez)

Special Thanks:

Espacio Wasabi (@espacio.wasabi ) 

Blow Models  (@blowmodels)

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