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Calvin Klein Fall 2016 #mycalvins Calvin Klein Fall 2016 #mycalvins Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Calvin Klein Fall 2016 #mycalvins

James Rodriguez, Franck Ocean, Collin Hargrave, Ezra Kahn, Presley Gerber, Lucas Bin, Young Thug, Yung Lean, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Wilson Oryena, Cameron Dallas, Yung Beef for Calvin Klein Fall Winter 2016 campaign.


james rodriguez CK fw16 james rodriguez rodriguez CKFW16Cameron-Dallas-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-002Yung-Beef-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-001 James-Rodriguez-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-001 James-Rodriguez-Underwear-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-001 Yung-Lean-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-001 Young-Thug-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-001 Young-Thug-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-copy-001 Wilson-Oryena-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-001 Lucas-Bin-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-001 James-Rodriguez-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Closeup-001 Gerber-Presley-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-001 Frank-Ocean-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-001 Frank-Ocean-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-001 Ezra-Kahn-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-001 Collin-Hartgrave-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-001 Antoine-Olivier-Pilon-2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-001 2016-Calvin-Klein-Campaign-Fall-Winter-001

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