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Brynn Elliott: Beautiful Things

Brynn Elliott is a singer and songwriter that have been conquering everyone who listens to her deeply intimate songs. Her singles are like a way to bare her soul and transform it into a melody for your heart. And the best part is that she is a calm and studious girl, honestly gracious and funny, who knows how to seed the best of every experience. Such abilities have let her overcome tragedies and find beautiful things amid the darker days.

In this interview for Vanity Teen, Brynn Elliott opened her heart to show us how music is more than a passion for her. So, we invite you to keep reading to join us in this intimate conversation.

Brynn Elliott: Beautiful Things
Brynn Elliot | Photo by Ben Allen

What music has always meant for me

VT: What is your story, and how did you get into music?

BE: When I was 15, I was overwhelmed with high school and college applications. One day, I had the thought to pick up my dad’s old guitar and learn how to play it on YouTube. Learning to play that guitar was such a big stress reliever, and music became this safe, healing space for me.

Since then, I haven’t stopped writing. And then, when I was a senior in college, I had independently released a song called Might Not Like Me. A record label executive heard the song at a party and got in touch with my manager at the time. And then, by the time I graduated, I had signed to Atlantic Records and Big Yellow Dog music and have been releasing music ever since.

VT: Besides music, formal education has been part of the project of your life. Therefore, what can you tell us about your Harvard experience?

BE: Yes, Harvard was the most incredible experience. My parents were unable to attend college, so the fact that I was even able to go to college was such a great privilege.

I so enjoyed all of my classes at Harvard. Probably, the most profound experience was meeting some of the kindest and most inspiring people in my classmates.

VT: Since you are a songwriter, has there been a piece you wrote and then thought something like: “OK, this might be too personal to be released.” What do you do when that happens?

BE: Yes. My song Beautiful Things is about my story of grieving the passing of my father in 2021 and, at the same time, finding the love of my life. It’s deeply personal.

Of course, it is scary to put out something so personal, but I have always been inspired by artists who have been transparent with their own hardships and struggles. So, for me, it has always been about writing about the real things in my own life in hopes that it might help someone else. That’s what music has always meant for me.

Brynn Elliott – Beautiful Things (Official Music Video) | ©Venice Music

Beautiful Things

VT: This question might recall one phrase Emma Stone said in Easy A, one of her first movies. But since in one of your songs, you ask: “Can I be real?” Do you consider yourself an existentialist?

BE: Ha, ha, I love Emma Stone!

I would consider myself an existentialist, and, especially as someone who has been thinking a lot about death in the last year since my father’s passing, I would say I’m an existentialist now more than ever.

VT: Your new song Beautiful Things is a heartfelt experience. What else would you like to share about it?

BE: Yes, of course! I started to mention it earlier, but I found the love of my life at the same moment as going through the great heartbreak of losing my father. It was so strange to experience great grief and great joy at the same time, but I realized that the grief actually made me savor the joyful moments more. And that’s the message of Beautiful Things!

VT: Also, this year you resumed live presentations. How is the feeling of interacting with people beyond digital media?

BE: Playing songs for people in person is one of my greatest joys. There’s nothing like music being played and experienced in real-time. And especially after this season of only seeing people digitally, it’s been all the sweeter to be together in person.

Brynn Elliott: Beautiful Things
Brynn Elliot | Photo by Ben Allen

Take charge!

VT: What plans do you have for the future?

BE: Going on tour and releasing more music!!

VT: What do you do when you need some time off?

BE: I go for lots of walks, read, and maybe watch some TV!

VT: Do you have a particular phrase or something you constantly remind yourself of when you need some motivation?

BE: “Take charge!” has been one I’ve been coming back to recently!

VT: Anything else you would like to tell the readers of Vanity Teen?

BE: Thank you for listening to my music, and I hope you see the beautiful things today!

Brynn Elliott: Beautiful Things
Brynn Elliot | Photo by Lauren Dunn

Before we go

In diverse mythologies, we can find stories of magical creatures transforming themselves into majestic beings after terrible experiences and people who find true treasures when they go through some of the most challenging times they could face. What I like about those kinds of tales is when life itself puts artists like Brynn Elliot on my way, it makes me realize that music has those powers we might think do not exist, and they are closer to us than we may think.

I cannot tell you how much I got to love Beautiful Things from the exact instant I heard it for the first time. Thanks, Brynn Elliott, for the gift of your music.

Beautiful Things is available everywhere, and if you want to stay connected with Brynn Elliot, you may follow her on social media @brynnelliott.

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