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Beyond the Wind by Verónica Sansón

Photographer Verónica Sansón @veronicaesanson shares with us “Beyond the Wind” an exclusive story featuring model Estian Govea @nirvanaisoverrated at Fifth Models @fifthmodels with styling by Lorena Beltrán @lorenabeltranc_. In this story, the photographer takes us around the city, but without the visual noise that comes with it.

About the concept for the shoot, the photographer commented:

This idea came to me as wanting to shoot something in the city but without having the visual noise that comes with it. I wanted something that was moody and simple. Something that was straightforward but somehow still let you know you were in the city. I wanted a location that was simple but at the same time moody. While running some errands in the city I encountered this building and knew right away I wanted it to be the location for this shoot.

I’ve always been keen on doing something related to movement and motion and that day we had tremendous luck with how windy it was. So it ended up fitting right thru this idea of movement and unexpected change that the wind brings to elements as hair and clothing.

Beyond the Wind by Verónica Sansón

Photography: Verónica Sansón @veronicaesanson
Model: Estian Govea @nirvanaisoverrated at @fifthmodels
Stylist: Lorena Beltrán @lorenabeltranc_
Muah: Alejandra Cárdenas @makeupalejacalx
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