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5 emerging Asian fashion brands you need to know 5 emerging Asian fashion brands you need to know Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


5 emerging Asian fashion brands you need to know

5 emerging Asian fashion brands you need to know.

The Asian market is the great unknown when speaking of fashion brands. It is usually associated with cheap products but the truth is their designers are the most innovative and fresh in the industry. Here are five Asian fashion brands you didn’t know existed but which you need to know about.


Being one of the younger brands on this list, this Taiwanese brand seems to have a contemporary focus but the truth it upholds the island’s traditions. With an aesthetic mostly known as “dad clothes“, this young brand uses traditional art with street style, collaborating with local artists for their prints and patterns. This way, tradition and streetwear come together in amazing pieces.

With a wide range of designs, they go from wide jeans, wide pocket shorts, relaxed pants, to shirts with transparencies and traditional patterns and many other products. There is no doubt this combination is a success.

All the topics are surrounded by the stories of teenagers in Taipei city, and we use these topics and images to draw the target audience we want. Lastly, inject these ideas to the concept of the design.

Plateau Studio website

Official website:

Plateau Studio - Asian clothing brand
5 emerging Asian fashion brands you need to know.


This Taiwanese brand has a clear military influence with a clear futuristic tendency. Their designs go from a wide range of waterproof parkas to amazing cargo pants and field jackets, achieving the highly demanded streetwear style of today’s society. The monochromatic palette and military elements combined with contemporary upgrades give this brand a different touch. Wide silhouettes with trim cuts and big pockets are examples of the contemporary upgrades that may be a little different from the rest of the brands and maybe not very appealing to everyone. However, monochromatism makes a real difference, making these pieces more accessible for everyone despite the not common shapes.

They also have some bold designs besides the monochromatism and minimalistic designs such as coats with paneled quilting and trousers with transformable legs, but these are riskier designs that may not be for everyone.


WISDOM Asian clothing brand 
5 emerging Asian fashion brands you need to know.


This Taiwanese brand might be the boldest one in this ranking. Its designs are really colorful and slick with animal print combined with a lightweight jacket with soft colors to white and pink tiger print cardigan. It could be defined as a combination of common streetwear with more risky designs.

It brings a fresh change especially for Vietnamese streetwear. Almost every Vietnamese designer bases their designs in monochromatic palettes with industrial and futuristic style, whilst Lusive creates completely the opposite, making his designs for the daring.

Official website:

Asian fashion brand Lusive. Teenager wearing a leopard print coat, a black shirt and purple pants with a leopard belt.
5 emerging Asian fashion brands you need to know.

DEMO – Derek Chan

Hong Kong designer Derek Chan founded this brand which has a unique touch. It recreates the ’40s and ’50s menswear style but with a particular distinction: soft masculinity, the brand’s signature. His designs are a mixture of classical clothing such as soft tailoring elements for keeping the ’40s aesthetic, with waterproof fabrics and bold colours, that brings together a unique style.

Derek Chang redefines masculinity and femininity, believing anyone can wear anything but highlighting that more sensitive clothing is not only exclusive for women. That way, he tries to erase the thin line between gender labeling in terms of fashion. In the brand’s website the quote “Future is no sex. You can be a boy, a girl, whatever you want” by Grace Jones stands in the “about” section in giant letters.

Official website:

HEADLESS – Quang Minh

This Vietnamese fashion brand is one of the most different one from this ranking. “It’s a little bit tech, a little bit dark, a little bit street, mixed with a lot of imagination” says designer Quang Minh. And those are the best words to describe the brand. It has a futuristic touch mixed with streetwear baggy clothes in dark but also some bold colors and industrial features.

Streetwear has been predominant on the global runways for years and Quang Minh’s style is becoming really popular these days, shaping Vietnamese streetwear with a unisex and monochrome style.

Official website:

There is so much we need to learn about Asian designers and they should be at the top of the fashion industry for their designs and the fresh ideas they bring to the occidental fashion industry. They are sadly the great unknown and we don’t notice them until an important celebrity wears something designed by them. Asian countries are always one step ahead of us in every possible aspect but mainly in fashion and something must be done to give them the place they deserve.

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