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Zario by Mcklyn Valenciano

Fashion photographer and New Face Director for Seattle Models Guild Mcklyn Valenciano @mcklyncole has created this exclusive editorial for Vanity Teen online with the gorgeous model Zario @zariobolanos represented by SMG Models @smgmodels.

Zario @zariobolanos is a model represented by SMG that started as a kid and now they have officially photographed him for their development board. This editorial is a coming of age moment for young Zario. The photographer wanted to showcase his natural charm and swagger and beautiful, striking features and there is no doubt he totally accomplished it!

Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and a Godox strobe light, in the charming Ballard neighborhood of Seattle it showcases the timeless but striking quality of the photographer’s style and the ease with which the model can convey a mood or feeling and freedom on camera. We can tell that Zario felt empowered and really believe in what he was doing. The way he looks at the camera with that confident look, his gorgeous and perfect body and the way he poses really shows that he’s a really professional model with a bright career ahead of him.

With pieces forom Gold Dogs @shopgolddogs, this exclusive fashion editorial is aimed at showcasing the new wave of emerging talent in our industry. We have so many young talents that have so much power and talent within themselves. We need to start helping them to achieve their dreams in any way possible and encourage them to work as hard as possible to keep following their dreams no matter what. Because if you have a goal in life you must fight for it no matter what others tell you. Keep working on yourself!

Model Zario @zariobolanos represented by SMG Models @smgmodels photographed by Mcklyn Valenciano @mcklyncole wardrobe by Gold Dogs @shopgolddogs, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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