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VT#16 Summer 2022 edition VT#16 Summer 2022 edition Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


VT#16 Summer 2022 edition

In recent years we have lived through a great series of events that have affected our
lifestyle in one way or another, but especially the youth, the audience to whom we
dedicate each edition. The physical distancing and limitations of various kinds have
become increasingly evident, trying to be compensated by overexertion through
social networks and technology. Being a publication that through fashion celebrates
the diversity of talent that exists around the world, being able to create content that
brings the best of the moment, as well as a bit of optimism to our readers, was
something indispensable.


That’s why in this edition, we have a variety of artists that
reflect the vision of this edition: the power and importance of being yourself in an
uncertain and constantly changing environment.

The artists starring in this SS22 edition come from diverse industries: music
(@miyayeah, @officialajldn, @johnnyorlando), entertainment (@onwardwanna,
@khaby00, @justboggi), modeling (@noahlbrown), arts (@gabbois) and sports.
Despite their different backgrounds, they all highlight the importance of being
yourself to achieve your goals. While there is no straight path to achieving anything
in life, it is essential to be comfortable with yourself both physically and mentally in
order to give your life the direction you want it to go

About the editorials for this issue, the beautiful stories made by a large group of
renowned professionals capture diverse themes and dilemmas, as in the case of the
editorial “Urban Romanticism” by Yannick Leconte in which he poses the question if
“art can make the artist and not the other way around”; while the photographer
Christoffer Sundqvist in his story “Dreamers”, transports a piece of Havana to the
cold streets of Stockholm. In “ToreroQuentin de Ladelune captures the beauty of
the traditional bullfighter’s uniform known as “traje de luces” (suit of lights).
Photographer Joseph Ohlert in the story “Through the eyes of others” invites us to
analyze the concept of youth. Under the title “Color my life with the chaos of trouble”
photographer Andrea Cenetiempo captures the beauty of model Fallou Cisse for one
of our cover editorials. Top model Noah Luis Brown embarks on the “Nautical
Twilight” of our edition guided by high fashion references that illuminate the path to
follow in the editorial photographed by Milena Zara.

This issue also marks 10 years of Vanity Teen as a print magazine. 10 years in
which, like our loyal audience, the publication has been changing its format and
narrative. It’s easy to remember our first print issues, in which our “magazine” format
back then was certainly something quite different from the one we usually know now.

Within the early issues, an issue with Cameron Dallas indirectly predicted the impact
of social media and influencers within fashion. Now, today, our audience is a totally
a different one from 10 years ago, one from which we undoubtedly expect great things, one in which we wish to be companions of that transition in which they grow to discover and explore to form their identity, mixing new forms of communication to continue expressing that renewed and genuine teen spirit with which this magazine began.

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