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Versace Squalo sneakers

Versace has recently launched its new sneaker collection named Squalo. This name comes from a shark species because the sole of the sneaker has the same shape as this shark’s teeth but with a sophisticated touch.

These sneakers come in a wide range of designs, some very simple and elegant with black and white elements and the iconic Giani Versace signature. However, they also come in vibrant colors and patterns, with great color combinations and details.

Versace Squalo sneakers

Lately, everyone has been playing the “weird sneakers” game with very unique designs with crazy and huge soles and nearly every important brand has joined the game. Creating weirder designs every time, these businesses are increasing their sales due to these products because this trend is very popular and will continue improving.

With designs that might shock you, there are very weird shoes out in the market with huge soles but Versace is not into this game. They just stick to a basic shoe design enlarging the sole to grate different shapes.

Versace already did a special sole design in their Chain Reaction Trainers which have a chain-shaped as you can tell by its name. With this type of sole design, Versace was introduced to this “weird shoe” game we talked about but of course keeping it chic and high end.

Versace Chain Reaction Trainers
Versace Chain Reaction Trainers

However, with the Squalo collection Versace has gone a step further. They create a sharper aesthetic and maybe more appealing to customers than the Chain Reaction Trainers. The overall shape of the latter is very round and looks like they are inflated. On the other hand, the Squalo go for a sharper and stronger design, perhaps more wearable and shape-wise appealing to a wider range of customers.

The Squalo also has a unique feature. The logo of the house is embedded into the back of the sole with a very realistic blue medusa face that looks as if the face of the real medusa is awaiting behind a window.

Versace Squalo Sneakers - sole detail

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