Vanity Teen EXCLUSIVE Timo Buamann by Parinya Wongwannawat, The stroke of luck that made Timo Baumann the model he is today Vanity Teen EXCLUSIVE Timo Buamann by Parinya Wongwannawat, The stroke of luck that made Timo Baumann the model he is today Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Vanity Teen EXCLUSIVE Timo Buamann by Parinya Wongwannawat, The stroke of luck that made Timo Baumann the model he is today

Model Timo Baumann @Tim0baumann @Unsignedgrp
Shot by Parinya Wongwannawat @wongwannawat

Timo Baumann is a 20-year-old young model who started his career in the modeling world in 2017. He got scouted by the agent César Perin while he was shopping in Oxford Street. In just three years he has posed in an editorial for Teeth Magazine, which marked the beginning of his career. Moreover, he worked in 2018 on the Calvin Klein Underwear advertising campaign and, in March of the same year, he worked for the lookbook of Love Moschino too.

He modeled at the Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, which was photographed by David Sims. Also, he featured in an editorial for Vogue Mexico in September 2019 and in January 2020 he appeared at Hugo Boss’ new fragrance ad along with Stella Maxwell, Baumann was born in Zurich, Switzerland, and he practices sports between four and eight times per week to be in shape. In addition, he studies Chemistry at the prestigious ETH University in Zurich.

He describes himself as silly, spontaneous and adventurous. In just three years, Timo Baumann has started a promising career in the fashion industry in which he has worked with influential brands as a great model and has an impact on society with his intense gaze in front of cameras.

1. How is your daily life as an international model?

I think it is not very different from another person’s life. I get up in the morning, go to uni, do some sports and go back home for dinner. I mean I don’t call it a daily life when I have a job somewhere because it happens maybe once a month. But when it happened, every day is different, depending on the location, country and what kind of job. There is not such thing as a daily life then.

2. You got scouted by the agent César Perin while you were shopping in Oxford Street, do you find it as a stroke of luck? How do you feel about getting involved in the modeling world?

Oh yes, there was and still is a lot of luck involved but I never thought I’m going to say this but I feel pretty well in the modeling world which is quite surprising because I never even thought about modeling before.

3. You started in 2017 posing for “Teeth Magazine” and since that, you have worked with Calvin Klein, Love Moschino or Michael Kors, among others, how do you feel about your fast evolution in the fashion world?

In the first place, I feel grateful for all people which has made this all possible – especially Cesar and Gavin. It kinda feels like a dream sometimes. It is all a bit surreal. As said, there is so much luck involved in this industry and I can’t believe that all those things happened to me. 

4. With which firm would you like to work again? Why?

I would love to work again with Calvin Klein just because all of their team is so amazing and it was always so fun to work with them. 

5. You used to study Chemistry at ETH University in Zurich, do you think you will continue studying that? Do you think you’ll be working in the field once you’ve finished your studies?

I just started my Masters in Chemistry. To be honest, I have no idea where I will end up after my studies. Maybe there will be a field to combine both? Maybe something like textile technology

6. What advice would you give to young guys who want to work as models?

Don’t take rejections personally! Every model has to learn it at a certain point. 

7. What is the most satisfactory thing that you have gotten from the model world? And the least?

I think it’s the total package. The whole experience: meeting so many different persons, seeing yourself in shopping centers, being independent…

The least is probably the fashion week. All those castings, staying in line for hours just for 10 seconds of castings and all those rejections. It never gives you a good feeling. 

Alejandro R. Guevara Lanero @alexxguevara 

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