Valentino's "Le Ciel" Collection Fall/Winter 2024/25 in Paris Valentino's "Le Ciel" Collection Fall/Winter 2024/25 in Paris Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Valentino’s “Le Ciel” Collection Fall/Winter 2024/25 in Paris

Valentino, under the creative direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli, made a triumphant return to Paris with the “Le Ciel” collection for Fall/Winter 2024/25, showcased at the Monnaie de Paris. This collection challenges conventional color norms, particularly the long-held association of blue with masculinity. “Le Ciel” is not just about a single hue; it delves into the varied shades that compose life and questions traditional color symbolism.

“Le Ciel” aims to redefine the modern man through softness, fluidity, gentleness, and grace. Piccioli uses color as a communicative tool, liberating it from stereotypical expectations. The collection reflects the evolving nature of masculinity, as evidenced by the diverse front row, from Ambassador Suga to Zayn and Darren Star – all embodying creativity, diligence, natural curiosity, and style while reimagining the traditional masculine wardrobe.

The collection introduces new concepts and thoughts through various elements. Soft tailoring is used to craft a new image of a gentleman. A blend of Haute Couture with classic tailoring is seen in the gestures, while embellishments and embroidery offer transformative qualities to both identity and the surface of the garments. Complementing the ensembles are colorful, structured, oversized totes.

“Le Ciel” also celebrates craftsmanship and humanity. Mythological characters are woven into the fabric of the clothes, narrating stories of virtue, universal morals, idealism, and enduring human values. Utilizing Valentino Altorilievo’s “High Relief” technique, the collection introduces sculptural elements into clothing, challenging traditional male emphasis, especially over the shoulders of coats. This collection promises a season of chic sophistication and redefined elegance.

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