Travis Scott's Film "CIRCUS MAXIMUS" Premieres on YouTube Travis Scott's Film "CIRCUS MAXIMUS" Premieres on YouTube Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Travis Scott’s Film “CIRCUS MAXIMUS” Premieres on YouTube

Utopia Album’s MVs Unveiled Side by Side

Travis Scott is not just taking the music world by storm but the cinematic realm too! His self-directed and starred film, “CIRCUS MAXIMUS”, made its debut in select theaters on July 28th. Spanning 75 minutes, the movie mesmerizes viewers with its psychedelic and futuristic special effects.

Now, for those who missed it on the big screen, there’s good news! “CIRCUS MAXIMUS” has officially dropped on Travis Scott’s YouTube channel, allowing fans to immerse themselves in its brilliance without spending a dime. It’s worth noting that alongside this movie, multiple music videos from his “UTOPIA” album have been released simultaneously. For all the avid followers out there, it’s a feast you wouldn’t want to skip!

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