Tolyan Gasilin exclusive interview Tolyan Gasilin exclusive interview Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Tolyan Gasilin exclusive interview

Meet 18 year-old Russian model Tolyan Gasilin @tolyan_gasilin!

Tolyan Gasilin exclusive interview Tolyan Gasilin exclusive interview Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Q: What is your background?

A: My name is Tolyan Gasilin. I am 18. I am from Russia. I was born and grew in Saint Petersburg. 

Saint Petersburg is considered to be a capital of art, culture, and fashion in Russia. That is why a lot of people in the city are elegant and stylish. They differ from other people not only in their appearance as to their clothes but in their talks and even their manner of walking.  

I played football since I was 5 years old. My dream was to become a footballer. I trained a lot. I had everything to grow as a professional footballer but I had several injuries that changed my plans. The first serious injury was when I was 17. I had rehabilitation for a long time. That period I couldn’t train, of course. I had to find anything to stay in a good mood. Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham are not only my favourite footballers but they are examples of successful and strong people. For me, they are the representatives of not only the sports world but also the world of fashion. So, I decided to have classes on modelling. I entered and completed the modelling course in the best modelling school in Saint Petersburg – Skumodels. I liked that. After recovering I returned into football. Later, in my 18, I was injured again. It was a full stop in my football career and the start pointin my modelling career. Victor Lluncor, the scout-photographer, believed in me and we began working together. I left Russia, my home, to develop and improve as a professional model. I and Victor Unkormoved to Peru several weeks ago. We work for the RDAgency. I’m glad that Victor trusts me and gives me the opportunity to grow as a model. I thank him for his assistance and care. For me, modelling is an ability to travel, meet new people, and get new knowledge. I am improving not only as a model but also as a person. 

Speaking about brands and clothes, saying the truth, I have been interested in fashion and well-known brands since my childhood. I love beautiful and stylish clothes. My favorite brand is Adidas. The clothes by Adidas are comfortable and bright. It is a fusion of different styles.  As for fashion houses, I think the best one is LV. Luxury and rich life are the synonyms of the LV fashion house. In spite of my love for fashion and expensive things, I’m confident that even the most fashionable clothes don’t transform a person into good-looking and elegant. First of all, the person should have certain knowledge and a sense of style. A person wearing clothes by Zara or H&M can be more stylish than a person who wears expensive clothes without any taste. 

I wish to visit and work in such cities of high fashion as Milan, Paris, New York and others. My goal is to become a world-famous model. 

I am constantly studying to upgrade in modelling. I watch videos and read articles about fashion. I learn on my own a lot. 

My hobbies are photography, video making, and music. I write poems and compose music. I like tocreate. 

My slogan and advice are to do sports, love and appreciate your family, pursue the goal and don’t afraid of your dreams! 

Tolyan Gasilin for Vanity Teen

Q: Three words that describe you? 

A: Goal-oriented, a champion, kind. 

Q: Three words that describe Vanity Teen?

A: Unexperienced, future, ambitious 

Q: Which brand or photographer do you dream to work for? 

A: I must say without false modesty, I am eager to work with such brands as LV, Dior, HM, Fendi, Ck, and Balenciaga. I would be happy to work with Mario Testino and Mariano Vivanco.

Q: Which songs are you listening now? 

A: I have to say that I love music. My today’s favorites are Travis Scott, 21savage, ASAP Rocky, and Michal Jackson. Besides that, I listen to different Russian singers. 

Q: Which is the best social media platform to promote your work? 

A: I believe that nowadays, Instagram is the best platform for advertisement and promotion, that is why I use it.

Q: How do you react to trolling online? What do you recommend for other people?

A: Trolling online – on the one hand, I pass it by, but on the other hand, it’s an additional motivation for me to work more and better. I recommend every one – trolling is not worth your attention. It is better to devote yourself to the job you love. 

Tolyan Gasilin for Vanity Teen

Q: Which are your inspirations? 

A: CR7, Jordan Barred, leofficiel hommes, Vogue Hommes, and your magazine. At the beginning of my modeling pathway, I became acquainted with your magazine. The first thing I noticed – your trust in unknown, new and young models. It helped me to believe in my prospective future as a model. Moreover, it seems I suit you and your concept. 

Q: Tell us how do you spend most time of the day.

A: I’m always busy. I pursue an active lifestyle. I start every new day with physical exercises. Then I have a big breakfast. I learn Spanish and English. I’m very happy when I have photoshoot sessions or fashion shows in my daily schedule. 

Q: Which is the most valuable lesson you have learned in the industry? 

A: To be self-confident, be aware, and to love what you do and create. 

Q: Would you give any piece of advice to the aspiring artist who want to start in this field? 

A: My advice is don’t be afraid, go ahead, and take risks. I have recently left Russia, my home, and my today’s thoughts are only about my future career, my success. I do my best to become a top model. My agent Victor helps me of course.

Exclusive interview for Vanity Teen online!

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