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Tini: Female empowerment through music

Tini is the worldwide Argentinian artist famous for her hit songs, stylish choreographies, and for being the lovely Violetta in that role that changed her life forever. But, besides her success, she is a young woman who irradiates love and kindness when she is around.

We talked about her career, her latest hit Miénteme, and she wanted to take time to talk about how she shows female empowerment through music and share a lovely message with all the people who, just like you, have been expressing love and supporting her all over these years.

Keep reading to find out what Tini wants you to know.

Tini | ©Sony Music Latin
Tini | ©Sony Music Latin

Tini | Exclusive Interview

VT: Your early years on TV are some of the most cherishes in Latin America; they gave you a huge fanbase who are totally faithful and still follow you. Therefore, looking back to those times, how was your experience of deciding to move forward with your singing career and leave behind that high school-like image so characteristic from back then?

Tini: [Smiling] It´s true! Actually, I have been talking a lot about Violetta and how it meant to me. I consider that I would not be who I am today and would not have the career I have been given without that experience.

During that time we did a lot of shows. We traveled and, literally, went around the world, not only to Latin America but also to most parts of Europe; this TV show was amazing. I am glad for everything that happened and how those things meant so much to a whole generation of children.

So, all that experience of being on TV shows, doing a lot of interviews, and being able to perform in all those stages made me who I am as a person, as a woman, and as an artist. Thus, I will always be truly grateful for that project.

About the new direction I took, the first thing was to understand at the age of 17 or 18, the same way any teenager or person who is coming to age and facing adulthood, that beyond recognizing that this awesome TV show came to an end but gave a lot of knowledge and spiritual satisfaction. Then, it was all about understanding who I was and what I wanted for my life and career.

I guess it was that inner discovery is a never-ending experience. We never fully discover everything or understand all the things that happen to us because life constantly puts many things on your way and you start to understand, or you just simply change your mind or look at life from new perspectives that maybe now you might think that, back then, it was not the right thing to do.

Nevertheless, that change from Violetta to who I am today came naturally because I was growing up like every human being grows up. I did not force anything, I did not think about tearing apart everything I was, and I did not push myself to be something I am not.

I let myself be. I followed my personality, let it flow. So, when it came to filming a music video or doing choreographies, or choosing a costume, I did what I felt like doing, and it was truthful.

People got attracted to that sense of being honest, and I feel like, at that moment, people who like me and have been following my career also changed. Violetta meant a lot to all of us, but we had to move on.

Tini | ©Sony Music Latin

VT: Your musical career also has been a global success that has allowed you to collaborate with exceptional artists. 22 featuring Greeicy has been one of your most famous songs. Thus, as a fan of international football, I must ask you how was recording a video with the football star Kun Agüero for a song whose sounds are also very representative of the Argentinian culture you both represent?

Tini: I think that the song 22 is like a first cousin of Miénteme.

Miénteme is also a fusion of cumbia with reggaeton, just like 22. When I realized people liked that song so much, I felt joyful because, at first, it was a challenge to release it as a single.

I mean, 22 sounded like reggaeton, but, at the same time, it was kind of different. And, indeed, it had something different, there was also Pablito Lescano involved with it giving the best of cumbia with his keyboard.

About Kun, we have always get along with each other, and he loves cumbia as much as he loves reggaeton. So, I sent him the song and asked him: “is it crazy if I told you to be part of the music video? I yearn to have you with me in that music video”.

People know El Kun loves that kind of music. And he said: “go ahead! I’ll be in Argentina during those days”. So, those are the moments in which you realize how everything comes together when there is nice energy and people are in the same feeling.

Greeicy could as well, Pablito Lescano was available, El Kun was there, and I could also be there, so we got together at the same time and place to shoot the music video, and we made it. Besides, that song is a milestone in my career because what happened with 22 had never happened to me before with the other songs.

Honestly, I am just grateful to all the people who were part of it.

Tini & María Becerra in a car
Tini & María Becerra | ©Sony Music Latin

VT: Besides loving music and acting, you also are a total fashionista. How has been your relationship with fashion and designing?

Tini: Today, while I was doing my make-up, I started to think about the ways I used to do my make-up and hair when I was a child; the way I used to get dressed, and my stylist told me that, somehow, that is one of the reasons people remember me.

I used to put a lot of things on me. [Smiling] My make-up was so charged that, for good or evil, someone might be remembering some funny outfits I wore before. I used to love experimenting a lot, trying lots of make-ups and clothes; feel free in that aspect.

Obviously, all of those looks and over-the-top things I did while I was younger have changed, evolved, and today things are completely different. It was all part of my process of growing up; every new year, I was finding out new ways to feel more comfortable, more like myself, with the clothes I wore.

I love fashion; I like to look at new things all the time. I love to think about my outfits and how some clothes will look with specific make-up.

I think about fashion in my music videos and every aspect of my life and work.

Tini & María Becerra
Tini & María Becerra | ©Sony Music Latin

The Miénteme era has come

VT: Let us talk about your latest projects. Recently, you released the single Miénteme featuring María Becerra. What can you tell us about this song that has been receiving a great reception?

Tini: With Mary (María Becerra), we did High, alongside Lola Índigo, and people felt really connected to that single. It was unexpected all the things that happened with High.

Also, with Mary (María Becerra), there was a special connection beyond the musical relationship; we became good friends. And, when we introduced this song, I had been in silence for six months. I had not released a song or anything during that time.

Thus, I said that I wanted to release a new song with her after the success of High and all the love we received for that song we had sung together.

There were a lot of expectations for what would be about Miénteme, and in the end, people loved the song, felt connected to it, and with the lovely relationship we have; also, with the music video, the choreography, and the success on TikTok.

Miénteme is a song that, whether you like it or not, makes you dance, makes you smile. It is nice, sassy, naughty, sexy, and all those things combined can bring together young people with their mothers and grandmothers who like to dance it as well.

It is like one of those songs that all the family likes to dance and have fun with.

Tini, Maria Becerra – Miénteme (Official Video) | ©Sony Music Latin

VT: How do you feel when you see different people all over the world doing the #MientemeChallenge?

Tini: It is an immense and beautiful feeling. Besides, with social networks, you can have access to experiences like that and see people from the whole world singing your song.

When something like this happens, after all the love we put into the projects, I feel really grateful because we work hard and put lots of effort into what we do.

What a blessing!

VT: What can you share with us about your coming plans for this year and your new album?

Tini: It is too early to talk about a new album, but I do have in mind to release an album, even when we do not have a date for it yet.

Nonetheless, it will happen! There are some songs that I have been working on, and I am pretty sure that I want them to be part of the album, but I still need more time to write and to look for the right songs that will make me feel completely happy.

There are some new projects like songs with artists I really admire that will be out very soon. Some of them already said it, so I can tell you that I will be collaborating with Manuel Turizo, Lola Índigo, Belinda, and some more.

I am totally excited and cannot wait for you to listen to all of those songs.

Tini & María Becerra | ©Sony Music Latin
Tini & María Becerra | ©Sony Music Latin

Female empowerment through music

VT: Among other causes, you have always shown support and have been like an ambassador of female empowerment. Why you never doubt using your platforms to promote this cause?

Tini: Why do not I hesitate? Hehe! Because it is time for a lot of things to change, there is no doubt about that. We need more time, and there are still some rights for us to stand up, so we can only say thanks to the number of women who dedicate their life looking for a change.

I also consider that one of the most beautiful things that happen is when we, as women, come together as one.

For that reason, I think it is really nice all the things that are happening with Mary (María Becerra), because we are two Argentinian artists in this industry doing a mix between reggaeton and cumbia, and the song is going up in the music charts after a long period of time in which women did not have the place we deserve.

Women were underappreciated or even criticized for wanting to sing reggaeton or for expressing with their lyrics some topics that misogynistic individuals did not allow them to talk about.

Therefore, it is important to know that, today, we are leaving those ideas behind, and women are in the places where we have always had to be.

Thus, I will always be on the side of women embrace change and fight for equality. That is the most important thing we could aim for.

VT: As a young woman who has been in media since a very young age, what do you do to preserve your mental health?

Tini: This might sound weird, but I bring the ideas closer to myself while writing or talking to someone. I mean, I take out the feelings and do not keep them inside but share them with my close ones.

It is like feeling in that place where I can open myself and speak out. Communicating for me is one of the most important things I do to stay sane. I do not keep anything to myself.

Also, I like to stay connected to my spirituality; it is also important to take care of that part of ourselves.

But, whatever, I also have some of those moody days, obviously, like everyone. There are days we feel exposed and be surrounded by people who truly know my heart makes me feel comfortable and safe.

Tini and Maria Bencerra
Tini & María Becerra | ©Sony Music Latin

VT: What message would you like to share with those who might be going through bad times due to current events in the world?

Tini: My earnest desire is health for everyone.

I have been talking a lot about how, due to the pandemic, many people got sick or lost their families and loved ones. There are even many who are struggling with an economic crisis, that includes many people who work for the entertainment industry.

I also stopped doing shows, and I know there are entire families that have not been able to work since the pandemic started, so I hope all the things got better as soon as possible and every person could improve their situations with stability.

Let us not lose hope and faith, even when our circumstances seem bigger than us.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

Tini: I honestly want to thank you. Thank you for your love, for this interview, for being always there for me.  I truly appreciate that. Also, I am very happy for this time we shared today and realize all the love you have for me and my songs.

Thanks for the kind words you always have for me.

So, I hope you enjoy a lot of Miénteme and stay tuned because more songs and projects are coming over.


Tini | ©Sony Music Latin

Before we go

We love Tini because she is an honest artist who is full of love and, for that reason, she has nothing but love to share with everyone.

She has made us dance, love, smile, and we cannot resist singing along her name every time we hear that Tini, Tini, Tini.

She has said it all, so I invited you to always keep in mind her words: always be surrounded by our loved ones, and no matter our circumstances, let us not lose hope and faith.

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