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Time of Symmetry by Sezen Tezic

Photographer Sezen Tezic @sezen.tezic presents this fashion editorial named Time of Symmetry exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Jack Feeley @jackthomasfeeley represented by U Models New York @umodelsnyc.

This story is inspired by seeing the lines and geometry in the city, defining the feeling of questioning the time and being present within the same atmosphere. “When I was first creating the moodboard, I was thinking of how it would be in the moment in a fast environment such as Brooklyn with all the suits and the feeling of escape and coming to the center,” comments the photographer.

For this shoot Sezen Tezic used a Nikon D750, mostly using 85mm and 35mm lenses, and it was shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The photographer did the location scouting in that area, since it is very famous for being busy and having great murals art everywhere. The intention was to create a bold and strong fashion editorial but at the same time subtle to illustrate the transition of questioning and acceptance.

“I am a female foreign photographer living in New York City, with Turkish ethnicity. Empowering the women in this business takes more role with our beautiful energy and talent of art. As an editorial photographer, having the vision for photography is a gift. Seeing all the elements and recreating a story with the right direction and lighting is  important. Believing that with right communication, artists are able to create what it needs and what is level the look up beyond the limit and time.”

The model was confident, and feeling the moment. He looks amazing and the result is stunning!

Model Jack Feeley @jackthomasfeeley represented by U Models New York @umodelsnyc photographed by Sezen Tezic @sezen.tezic assisted by Agustina Sol Pereira @agustina__sol styled by Victoria Rodriguez @styledbyvictoriar makeup by Emine Kucuktireli @makeup.by.emyy, hair by Li Murillo @lilovesyou, retouching by Kateryna Nechai @kiwi.retouch, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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