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The Roaring 2020s by Milena Zara

Photographer Milena Zara @amkzara presents The Roaring 2020s, a fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the models Oliver Tippl @olivertippl and Aridane Da Silva @aridanedasilva represented by      @twomanagementberlin and an amazing team.

The team wanted to bring all their creative spirits together and do something totally from scratch, like spray painting the backdrop and the pants of the model to create their own universe. 

During the pandemic, it wasn’t possible to release all those strong loud emotions of celebrating to be together and live in the Moment. With Roaring 2020s we had a Chance to finally release them.

The equipment used was a Canon 6D Mark ii, with 35mm, and 50mm lenses, and 2x Profoto A10, and it took place at P7 Gallery, Berlin.

“After each storm, comes a rainbow. And, as it once was, so it shall be again. The 1920s were notably a fantasyland of fashion decadence and opulence, despite being a turbulent period that ended in utter chaos. Exaggerated glitz and embellishments contrasted with liberating, yet contemporary styles.”

“The coronavirus epidemic falls into a long line of pandemics in human history, but it is the first one in our lifetimes – and ‘boy-oh-boy’ it was a real game-changer. The wild 1920s were a period of social, artistic, and cultural dynamism that challenged the rigid Victorian tradition and era. This opposes the question: Are we in the middle of a new, soon-to-be ‘post-pandemic’, an artistic era of prosperity and decadence? – Photographer Milena Zara and stylist Ridvan Cavus completely agree.”

“However, instead of flapper dresses, feathers, and Gatsby-like outfits –Milena and Ridvan choose vibrant neon colors, structured coats, pearls & chains, showing skin, and chic MCM dogs. ‘The Roaring 2020s’ editorial emphasizes the ‘come as you are’ point of view – Breaking the chain of endless trends and sociocultural fads. Join us on this colorful journey and unleash all the bottled-up energy that we’ve been harvesting since the beginning of the pandemic. These are the roaring 2020s.”

Models Oliver @olivertippl and Aridane @aridanedasilva represented by      @twomanagementberlin photographed by Milena Zara @amkzara assisted by Tom @tom.lewendon and Tabea @tabeaprzybilla styled by Ridvan Cavus @maison.cavus assisted by Victoria Elise @victorriaelise, hair and makeup by Pauline Buhro @muapaulinebuhro text by Matija Max Vidovic @matijamaxvidovic, studio P7_gallery @p7_gallery, make-up supported by @elfcosmeticsgermany and @anastasiabeverlyhills via @boldberlin, fashion supported by sunglasses @misterspex_official via @haebmau, @uniqlo via @boldberlin. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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