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The Lonely Avocado x VTEEN Exclusive with Matheus Almeida

The Lonely Avocado x VTEEN Exclusive interview with the model Matheus Almeida @crymatt represented by Rock Management @rockmgt and FG Model Development @f_gmodel photographed by Bruno Barreto @brunocbarreto, wearing Salt Murphy @saltmurphy and @alfinvaron @alfinvaron. Check out part two over at

1) When you are looking back at your growth in popularity online do you think there was one platform that helped your growth more than another or was it a mixture of them all? 

A) Honestly, I had the support of amazing people in my growth on social media, there is a Facebook page called “Sôay Tay”, have more than 1.7 million followers on the platform, they basically usually post pictures of cute boys from all over the world and give the credits to them, that’s exactly what they did to me, sometimes reposted my best photos and put the link of my profile in the post in the publication in the publication, so this drove the increase of my followers on Instagram, in addition, I started to become more popular in Brazil too, in addition, I have thousands of followers from various other countries around the world. 

2) Who would you name as your biggest inspiration that started you out in the direction of the modeling and fashion world? 

A) My biggest inspiration in the fashion world is the model Manu Ríos, I follow him on social media since 2016, and no doubt he inspires me since then, I like the content he creates and the editorials he made, I dream someday to meet him personally, luckily, I’ve had the chance to be answered by him in private on Instagram. 

3) Top fashion brands that you cannot stop buying and why would you choose these brands specifically? 

A) Zara is the brand that I’m most addicted to buying, I identify with most of the pieces of the collections and are always very comfortable, and I like the fact of having more affordable prices. In addition, I usually wear several brands that I have collabs through Instagram, each of them has its own authenticity in the design of the pieces, including all the looks that are seen in the photos of this editorial are from my own wardrobe, the main idea was to make this project with all my personality, I felt stunning and being one hundred percent myself. 

6) When you are not focusing on building your career, what do you find yourself doing to pass the time and reset yourself from your professional life?

 A) It’s in these moments that I usually spend more time with myself, taking care of my mental health, skincare, spending time with my family, doing physical exercises, I always seek the best forms of leisure so my day-to-day is not so tiring. Another curious fact is that I feel great about creating content for my social networks in my spare time, I feel good when I record videos and take some photos to post them. 

7) Biggest goal you have set for yourself for 2021?

A) The biggest goal this year is to become more recognized as a model, I aim to have the chance to have several experiences with this, with all my dedication and performance I feel that is already happening, so I’m on the right track, of course, it takes time but just being participating in these exclusive interviews for VTEEN & The Lonely Avocado means a lot to me. 

8) What was life like before all of the increased popularity you have now gained online? -Could you see your life without it or has it left a more permanent impact? 

A) I had a normal life with problems that every teenager usually has, high school, studies, concern for the future, personal problems, etc. I didn’t stop going through all this, but with the support of many other people who followed me, it was easier to deal with. I like what I do on my social media so much that I would probably miss what I share with my followers if that happened. I feel really good at sharing the history of my life with everyone who cheers for my success, in a way I inspire people too and that’s very rewarding.

12) We are finding so many people are having the most difficult time lately. Everyone seems to have a large lack of motivation to see things through right now. Have you found it difficult during the Covid shutdowns to get things accomplished or has this opened more doors to you creatively because of having increased time for yourself? 

A) No doubt about everything that has happened during the lockdown because of the Covid19 around the world directly affected my life. As a New Face model, I was greatly hampered by the lack of access to opportunities that would normally happen but by the need to hire fewer models and the more professional to do specific jobs the brands ended up hiring the more experienced. I lost several castings because of this and I felt very limited to not being able to do what I like the most, on the other hand, having more time with myself I was able to develop more professionalism through my performance, dedicating myself to the development of my body, my mental and physical health, my creativity also improved due to other inspirations that I could absorb during this period at home.

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