The Feeling is an exclusive story by Photographer Julia Pivena (IG. @juliapivena) featuring Linda at Moon Models (IG. @moonmodels), Niks and Kirils at BRO Models (IG. @bro.guys) with styling by Dace Aleksandravica (IG. @dace.aleksandravica) using pieces from Helene Chaude, Loverain, QooQoo, Angel_a, Timeless Riga, Dace Bahmann, One Wolf and Talented. Makeup and hair by Julia Balinska (IG. @juliabalinska).

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

T-shirt by QooQoo | Jeans by One Wolf @onewolfstudio
Shirt by TALENTED | Jeans by One Wolf
Dress by Helen Chaude
T-shirt by QooQoo | Jeans by One Wolf
Top & pants by DACE | Scarf by Timeless Riga
op & pants by DACE BAHMANN | Scarf by Timeless Riga | T-shirt by QooQoo
Coat & jeans by One Wolf | Shirt by DACE BAHMANN | Scarf by Timeless Riga
Blouse by TALENTED | Vest by LOVERAIN
Jeans by One Wolf | T-shirt by QooQoo
Dress by DACE BAHMANN | Scarf by Timeless Riga
Blouse & pants by Helen Chaude | Vest by DACE BAHMANN
Corsait by DACE BAHMANN | Blouse & blazer by Helen Chaude