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SUPPLIER: a borderless world

SUPPLIER is a fashion brand with a soul that knows no barriers.
This type of kindred spirit has become a new concept of streetwear that embraces the vision of a borderless world. One of the standouts of SUPPLIER is the appeal this brand has to represent current youth by being convenient for any person despite their gender or body shape. And it does not matter any place you might be because their designs have no races or nations, so geographical circumstances do not limit them.

Therefore, SUPPLIER irrupts the scene as an invitation to go beyond the superficialities fashion may bring and welcome a kind of way of life whose goal is to represent equity between how you feel and how you want to look.


VT: What is the story behind SUPPLIER? How did it come to life?

SUPPLIER: SUPPLIER started out as a Japanese select store and distributor of streetwear brands around the world when four founders with international backgrounds got together in the streets of Kobe, Japan. Since our inception, we’ve launched many popups, showrooms, and parties all over the world, with our partner brands around the world, including the UK, France, China, Japan, and the US. We’ve continuously created new movements in the street fashion scene with our partners. In 2020, we launched SUPPLIER as an original brand to encapsulate our interpretation of the street.

VT: Your creations reflect the fresh style of youth, and we love that, but how do you consider your roots are present in each fashion piece you design?

SUPPLIER: Much of the Japanese streetwear style, such as the often seen in Harajuku, is largely inspired by American Hip Hop culture in the 90s. With that background, SUPPLIER is a brand that aims to elevate that style and create a new type of streetwear that captures the voice of the youth of today and tomorrow.

VT: How does SUPPLIER embrace plurality?

SUPPLIER: Our team and partners have diverse nationalities, races, and cultural backgrounds. When our team designs new items, we always strive to create pieces that anyone of all races, generations, and gender can wear comfortably. Put differently, this embodies our ideals of a borderless world.

SUPPLIER: a borderless world SUPPLIER: a borderless world Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


VT: Which other values represent your brand?

SUPPLIER: Youth. Freedom. Audacity. Present. Innovation.

VT: Do you have any plans for collaborations with other brands?

SUPPLIER: I can’t tell you our collaboration plans. But, we did recently collaborate with PLAYBOY. By the way, thank you, Vanity Teen, for featuring the collab!

VT: How does it make you feel knowing your brand helps to leave behind stereotypes some may have about Japanese culture and young people like you who represent it?

SUPPLIER: Thanks for your remark! I am very pleased to hear that. We strive to capture the real culture of the youth of today and express it through our designs.


VT: What are you planning for the future?

SUPPLIER: We will continue to pursue projects that are explosive in nature and stimulating for us. Please, look forward to our next moves!

VT: Fashion is not shallow as many want to make-believe, so which fashion-related message would you like to tell our readers?

SUPPLIER: That is not a simple question. I can only say fashion is a type of lifestyle, a form of expression, and a chain of emotions with a story and history behind it, including its embracing nature of the world.

VT: Since your inception, it seems like SUPPLIER’s activities span a lot more than that of an apparel brand. What are your intentions here?

SUPPLIER: We actually consider ourselves a street culture brand.
Fashion is definitely one major way of representing said street culture. Beyond fashion, we host parties around the world with like-minded peers and sponsor sports and activities that fit our ideas of street culture. We also adopt technologies that are constantly evolving. One thing in particular that we care deeply about is this: we strive to provide more stimulus and excitement for the youth around the world.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

SUPPLIER: Let’s f*cking go!


SUPPLIER is a glimpse of the many possibilities we have to be part of a borderless world. It is for those not controlled by rigid perspectives of how the people should be. It is a celebration of youth, a way young ones gather to rescue the best of older times and bring them to the future.

The brand offers you the possibility of being part of this world with no frontiers, of this generation of people who find in street culture new ways to enjoy the excitement our world has to offer for those who are open to being voices of today and tomorrow. Would you become part of this world?

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