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Super Freak by Misael Belt

The gorgeous model Manuel Mosquera @manuel.mosqueraa represented by XY Models @XYmodels is photographed by Colombian freelance photographer Misael Belt @misaelbelt for this amazing fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

Inspired in the aesthetics of the decades of the 70’s, 80’s 90’s, the photographer worked with the talented stylsit and producer Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa @juanpablovelez29. They used these decades as a reference because they wanted to create something colorful and vibrant, playing with contrasts and really creative angles with the vintage aesthetic but with a modern and bizarre touch. That’s how “super freak” was born.

The model wears vintage garments that the stylist had in his wardrobe, combining feminine sets with current pieces. They modified necklaces, they mixed modern vintage glasses and they complemented everything with pieces from a new Colombian brand called Mucho con Demasiado designed by Santiago Gelves.

Shot in Medellín, Colombia in a studio inside the modeling agency, XYModels, using an 8mm fisheye, the model transmits joy, happiness and really good vibes. That good energy is showcased in this editorial because the model was literally dancing to his favorite James Brown music during the photoshoot, which was perfect for the vibe they wanted to transmit. Manuel smiled, danced, and moved freely. That’s why this editorial is so dynamic and powerful, thanks to the bright colors, the different angles, and the model’s attitude. The styling also plays a very important role in this atmosphere as it provides that retro inspiration with the yellow sunglasses, the high waits pants with the white tank top, the open shirt and many other cool alements.

Model Manuel Mosquera @manuel.mosqueraa represented by XY Models @XYmodels photographed by Misael Belt @misaelbelt styled and produced by Juan Pablo Velez Espinosa @juanpablovelez29, thanks to Mucho con Demasiado in Medellín, Colombia. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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