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Summer Dream by Alex Chañi

Peruvian fashion photographer Alex Chañi @alexchani_ shares an exclusive story about melancholic sensuality with touches of subtle wilderness starring 19-year-old Argentine model Fran Marchesi @franmarchesi_ at We Love Models

Inspired by youth and the sunbeams that pass through objects and plants, the story was shot in a beautiful house in Barracas (Buenos Aires, Argentina). As appreciated in the story, everything together is very dreamlike.

About the editorial, the photographer commented:

“When I was looking for accommodation to rent in Buenos Aires, Argentina I discovered this beautiful house full of vegetation. I thought of the story as that of a young man immersed in a dream, although it could also be interpreted as the character being part of someone else’s dream. This story reflects my style by the use of natural light as part of the story. Also the naturalness and melancholic sensuality of the models, I always try to capture the masculine beauty as poems.”

Alex Chañi. Fashion Photographer

Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

Summer Dream

Photography: Alex Chañi @alexchani_
Model: Fran Marchesi @franmarchesi_ at We Love Models

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