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Summer Bloom by Joaquin Burgueño Summer Bloom by Joaquin Burgueño Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Summer Bloom by Joaquin Burgueño

Photographer Joaquin Burgueño @joaquinburtor presents this beautiful fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online named Summer Bloom, which is inspired by the smell of summer and the 70’s aesthetic, with the new face model Pablo Aciego @pabloaciego.

The photographer had dedicated himself to fashion for more than a year, and this past year he has been trying to create the best team dedicated to fashion and he’s achieving things he would have never imagined before.

Inspired by the smell of summer and the 70’s aesthetic, this editorial showcases a teenage era where nothing more than the present exist. No mobile phones. No Wifi. No digital era. “When I see Pablo, I see an angel, he is light. The main concept of this editorial was capturing his innocence in a very romantic and chilled vibe,” says the photographer.

“The team needed to be almost invisible, so Pablo could act as naturally as possible.”

Joaquin Burgueño

4. What equipment did you use for the shoot? 

The photographer had the need to shoot everything in analog, so he used a Pentax 645, a Mamiya RB67, and a Nikon FM2 to create this amazing aesthetic for these photos, which were shot in Mawi’s grandmother’s house. “Even though the house is amazing I only wanted to shoot the backyard. The lighting was perfect and we could move around super easily.”

“When I realized time flies, I only wanted to shoot great ideas. I don’t want my pictures to be forgettable or last a few seconds on your retina. I love to explore different aesthetics and I don’t “marry” a concrete style, exploring through different eras is my thing.”

“Life is a flower blooming all day long.” 

“My ambition is to grow and see where I can go. I don’t have a concrete goal, I like to move on, keep going, and always do what makes me fall in love with photography. I see life as a short-term achievable goal.” 

The model is wearing vintage and contemporary pieces. Some of the brands that can be found are Balmain, Burberry, Off White, Lemaire, Pertegaz, Christian Dior, Converse, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and many others. “At first, I think Pablo was amazed by the team, we are very energetic, very cheerful, and motivated. During the shooting, he was super confident, sweet, and tender. He perfectly understood the moodboard since the beginning.”

Model Pablo Aciego @pabloaciego represented by Pop House @pophouse photographed by Joaquin Burgueño @joaquinburtor assisted by Mawi @mawigrimaldi, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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