Stussy's Unexpected Surprise: The "Laguna Beach" Fragrance Launch Stussy's Unexpected Surprise: The "Laguna Beach" Fragrance Launch Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Stussy’s Unexpected Surprise: The “Laguna Beach” Fragrance Launch

Dabbling in the Uncharted: A New Category for Stussy

Streetwear aficionados may associate the name Stussy with trendy clothing, footwear, and a bevy of other items epitomizing street-style charm. However, the veteran street-fashion label is clearly not limiting itself to conventional domains. Recently, Stussy took to their official social media to unveil an exciting development – an upcoming fragrance launch that adds a new category to their product lineup.

The announced eau de toilette, aptly named “Laguna Beach,” is encased in a minimalist and timeless clear glass bottle. Emblazoned on the bottle is the iconic handwritten Stussy brand logo, adhering to the brand’s recognized aesthetics. The perfume bottle reveals another intriguing detail – the fragrance is a product of COMME des GARÇONS’ perfume line, showcasing a surprising and delightful collaboration.

A Whiff of the Unexpected: Stussy’s “Laguna Beach”

If the merging of streetwear fashion and refined perfumery intrigues you, mark your calendars! This fresh scent is set to make its official debut on July 28. Whether you’re a perfume enthusiast, a Stussy loyalist, or someone who enjoys the unconventional, “Laguna Beach” is a launch you won’t want to miss.

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