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Stranger Things 4 Teaser Trailer

One of the best Netflix shows is returning very soon with its fourth season. Stranger Things 4 might be around the corner, even though we don’t have a release date yet, and Netflix recently presented a teaser trailer that has many clues but also leaves the door open to many interpretations of the story and what might possibly happen in this fourth season.

(SPOILER ALERT!) The teaser only shows a very short sequence of children playing in a hospital or in an asylum. The most curious thing is that they play with their minds, moving objects with it, and they all look like Eleven in season one, with their heads shaved and wearing hospital gowns. And of course, they are being monitored all the time by a man they call “Papa”, but we still don’t know who’s behind that identity. This obviously means that there are more children like Eleven with the same powers and abilities, as we already met Eight and Kali, but we now know that there are many many more. How the story continues is a mystery.

A gray-haired man with a black suit enters the room where the children are playing and says: “good morning children,” and they instantly reply “good morning Papa”. If we look back to the past seasons, we will remember that Eleven also talks about this Papa, so we know that there is a relationship between them. “How are you today?” continues saying the man to the children, and they reply “good Papa”. He then continues saying: “Good, I’m glad to hear it, because today I have something very special planned for you,” and the camera focuses on door number 11. What follows is a little bit complicated to interpret because Hopper’s voice says “Eleven, are you listening?” and a frame of Eleven’s eyes breathing heavily appears. Yes, Hopper is alive, but in which dimension?

The cast already warned us that this will be the scariest season. Will this mean that one of the missions in this season will be rescuing those kids? Will the kids follow Papa’s indications and fight? There are many questions and infinite possibilities answers and theories about the course of the story.

One thing we would like to highlight is the obvious encrypted code in this teaser trailer. The clock in the first scene says that it’s three o’clock, that is 3:12, possibly meaning that the show might launch December 3, or March 12 depending on the way you see it. When the children play with the red ball that falls from the top of the wall to the bottom to different numbered boxes, the only numbers that are not covered are the numbers 3, 5, and 6. Number 3 appears again, maybe referencing March, and 5+6 is 11 so we know that Eleven will play a very important role in this season. In addition, it seems like there are four trailers, we just have seen two, so there are two more coming, hopefully very soon!

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