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Sebastian Sauvé: the right thing to do

Sebastian Sauvé is a man with strong opinions who know what he wants and is not afraid to speak his mind.

He is well-known for his successful career as one of the most international male models whose image has been seen in the most prestigious fashion campaigns. Nevertheless, that has not made him a shallow person but a centered man who faces the future with determination while lives the present focused on the things he loves.

In this interview, we talked about his career, family, commitment to eco-friendly causes, his thoughts about social changes, and the release of RéSauvé, his upcoming Upcycle jacket collection.

Be prepared to know the most personal version of Sebastian Sauvé so far, and take a look for the first time at some of his custom pieces from the Vintage Upcycle collection of RéSauvé.

Sebastian Sauvé | Exclusive Interview

VT: Looking backward, how do you think modeling changed your life?

SS: Can’t say that I like looking backward, but modeling has changed my perspective on life, or rather, it’s given me the opportunity to experience so much more of life. I mean, what other job can bring you to a different country every week and directly with some guidance or insight when you arrive.

VT: Which thing you know now, you would like someone had told you when you decided to pursue a career in such an industry?

SS: That nobody has your best interest in mind. You have to look after yourself. Take advice but take your own first. And save! Save pictures, magazines, save names and numbers, save money. Save everything in several places!

VT: You have been part of some of the most important fashion campaigns around the globe; but, is there a memory you cherish the most of your work as a male model? Please, tell us about it.

SS: All the 1sts. 1st show, 1st cover, 1st contract, 1st campaign, 1st time in Africa or Asia, etc., 1st TV commercial. Also, meeting people like Lewis Hamilton or Pierce Brosnan. 1st time seeing myself on TV or in the news.

VT: What would you like to share with us about your plans for this year?

SS: As in the rest of 2021, well, my kid Mylo will be born, so I’ll be elbow deep in doo-doo and taking care to set up for our family living.  I do a lot of DIY projects like building and decorating then. I also will make a cool Upcycle jacket collection called RéSauvé.

Sebastian Sauvé
Sebastian Sauvé wearing RéSauvé’s Vintage Upcycle | Photo by Ava Pivot

The right thing to do

VT: Let us get into a more personal direction. I like you have been using your social media to stand up for social causes, and you have been very supportive of movements like Black Lives Matter.  Thus, what can you tell us about the importance of letting our voices be heard and unselfishly stand up for good causes?

SS: Yes, well, I understand there is only so much my voice can throw in regards to movements outside of fashion, but f**k it! I’ll do what I can for what I believe to be the right thing to do. Anyway, it’s all pretty simple, live sustainably or die…

VT: You also have shown concern for the environment; even, recently you shared a project held by Gone West about planting trees. Could you tell us more about the ways you want to encourage people to be more eco-friendly?

SS: Well, being eco-friendly can be profitable, enjoyable, and so much good for our health and our kids.

I’ve had enough of walking through shut garbage everywhere, with air so dirty I can’t see my hand in front of my face. And trust me, I’ve been to some very nasty places.

I’m not a glamour model, I’ve shot in more slums than I think anybody has ever visited. And they’re spreading like wildfires, literally.

Wildfires because of garbage piled up. Gone West is a great org and not greenwashing at all or fraudulent. They buy the land, plant trees whilst paying more than any other org to the employed, then give over that land to national reserve so it may never be touched again by anyone.

It’s so clear and simple to plant trees all over the world, and in 25 years or so, you can exactly offset your own footprint or that of your family or business.

A man with strong opinions

VT: What is your opinion about the new policies of some social media to ban or delete content with no advice to the people who post creative content that may include artistic partial nudity?

SS: Well, with a kid coming, I’d like it to be cleaned up a lot more; there are plenty of alternatives for X-rated content. I get at least 3 spams a day with nude messages, sites, pages, etc., enough that I might just delete my account or at least block all messages.

It’s exhausting. I really can’t stand bots and adverts when I’m not looking.

Of course, about partial nudity, I don’t have a problem with it, especially if I follow an account I know has that so it’s expected. But leave the porn for porn sites.

VT: What do you do to stay sane and safe during this unconventional time?

SS: Safe? I never even catch a cold, and I grew up playing in a swamp. I’ve eaten heads and feet, brains and gizzard; even live worms a meter long.

But sane, well, taking care of our excess hormones, eating way too much, and playing VR and Switch which are my first consoles in 18 years!

VT: Which advice would you give to those teenagers only obsessed with futile and outside-beauty standards?

SS: Get over yourselves 😁 No, just kidding; but less is more. As in make-up, hair gel, or editing pics: less is more.

And I have a theory that if you diet too young, you might have some real problems later. Just don’t eat anything white: white bread, white sugar. Anything bleached is not good for you. And take your vitamins. If you’re not having fun, then discontinue.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

SS: Note to those teens wanting to be models. Many of these casting directors, photographers, etc., really are properly evil bastards, be careful. You never need to do anything, and in case you see something, say something to shut them down.

Before we go

Sebastian Sauvé has been clear with his main message; we need to speak up and act now to make our world the best place possible. We may not have all the resources we want, but we all have voices that can be heard. Besides, as the Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai said: “you don’t need a diploma to plant a tree”.

Let us be kind to each other, lets us be eco-friendly, and like Sebastian Sauvé, let us believe in doing what is right.

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