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Sam Asghari: for myself and my loved ones Sam Asghari: for myself and my loved ones Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Sam Asghari: for myself and my loved ones

Sam Asghari is an actor, model, and personal fitness trainer who, lately, has been devoted to help and inspire others to be safe and stay as healthy as possible. He also owns the Asghari Fitness Transformation program, an institution where you can be coach by Mister Asghari himself if that is what you want.

Although, I am pretty sure you have seen him on his social networks and have seen how sometimes he shares pictures of his ripped body, or the beautiful pictures he posts alongside his other half, his lioness, the love of his life: the legendary Miss Britney Spears.

And, in case you were wondering, yes: Sam Asghari is the one we see in Fifth Harmony’s Work From Home music video, and he is the mysterious guy in the Slumber Party Britney Spears and Tinashe shared with us.

Britney Spears – Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Official video)

Recently, I had the opportunity to have this conversation with Sam Asghari, continue reading to know him a little better and know more about his life, career, and check out some nice advice for the youth that come from the voice of his experience.

Q: A new year is here; 2020 is gone for good! What motivates you this 2021?

2021 is sounding extremely exciting and I’m super enthusiastic about it. 2020 was a crazy year that has us on the ground. My enthusiasm comes from this quote: “The only way you can go while you’re on the ground is up”. All 2020 was  a twisted year, I believe that it brought us, humans, together and we’ve learned a lot of things for example; 2020 made us appreciate the things that we already had.

Q: Let us talk about your origins. You grew up in Tehran; many people, when talking about Iran, think about conflicts and international affairs. But there is more; anything would you like to say about its people and culture?

I’m so blessed to live half of my life in a country like Iran and the other half in a country like America; it opens my eyes in many ways and educates me so much.

Iran has a lot of history, the people of Iran are extremely welcoming and they love Americans; they are people with pride, I have so much hope for the beautiful country that I was born in. But, I try to stay away from what I see on TV especially when it’s coming from a news source.

Q: Mandatory question: the year is 2016; some words about the music videos of Work from Home and, especially, SlumberParty?

Work From Home was a fun experience; it was one of the things that I did at the beginning of my acting career. I went into the audition for the music video not knowing who the artists were but it was really fun working with such a talented group.

As you already know, Slumber Party was extremely important to my life. The whole reason why I was on the shoot was that a dear friend of mine, MAXI, brought me up to the director. It was another fun acting project for me, but the only difference was that, while filming this one, I met my lioness.

Fifth Harmony – Work From Home (Official video) ft. Ty Dolla $ign

Q: You have been working on projects like Can You Keep a Secret, NCIS, and more recently in the second season of The Family Business. Will you keep acting? What else can you tell us about this aspect of your career and other plans for this year?

I’ve been an actor for a long time now. I started with theater in arts during high school, and I took some classes in college so acting has always been my true passion. It’s been a true pleasure to get casted by great shows that have been around for a long time like NCIS.

One of my first experiences on a movie set was with Can You Keep A Secret? It was a lot of fun and was proud to see myself on the big screens when the project came out.

The Family Business’ filming has gone great and the show is an amazing show to be a part of, the cast and crew members are just phenomenal and extremely positive. I also have a few other projects that I’ve already filmed back in 2020 that are releasing soon, so I’m so excited to share them with my fans as soon as I can.

Q: Tell us about the Asghari Fitness program?

Just like acting, fitness is extremely important to me. Being fit brought me the opportunity to be able to chase my dream career and I was lucky enough to inspire a few people along the way. I wanted to help others live a healthy and personalized lifestyle, so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest and be the best versions of themselves for their own good, and for their loved ones.

Q: Working out is hard for starters; some teenagers do not work out or are dealing with unhealthy eating habits. You have dealt with some related issues; what is your advice for those struggling with similar problems?

As a teen I didn’t care much about my diet, I thought to myself if I work out I can eat whatever I want, but that was never the point. It wasn’t until I really got into fitness that I really understood nutrition.

I recommend teenagers to educate themselves on nutrition; in that way, they can live a great lifestyle, and creating a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to be on an extremely clean diet but a healthy one.

Q: How about mental health? How have you handled staying sane?

Mental health is extremely important! I’ve always been a positive person with a great mindset. This pandemic makes things harder for us and puts us at risk when it comes to mental problems. Exercising has always helped me stay sane.

Q: On social media, Miss Britney Spears has said you are a great cook. What is your opinion about cooking your meal and eat as healthy as possible? Besides, what do you like to eat after working out?

I had many jobs growing up, when I was a teenager among the jobs I had was being an assistant chef at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills California; There I’ve learned a lot about cooking, and that today is still a great passion of mine: to cook for myself and my loved ones.

By the way, she is absolutely right, I’m a great cook; I prepare tasty and delicious food.

Q: Could you tell us your thoughts about representation, body positivity, and media?

Teenage are some amazing years and I’ve had a lot of great memories that I create while I was a teenager. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve got as a teen was that to stop caring what others think and really just focus on what matters the most.

Most of the people that are around you in high school won’t be around by the time you graduate, or later, when you’re in college you might have a couple of friends from high school, but the rest of the people disappear, especially the ones that pick on you and bully you. But be patient, if you get bullied as a teen while you grow up, your previous experiences help you and you will develop a great character later on.

Before we go

This conversation with Sam Asghari has made me remember life goes on, but if we continue to focus on what we care about the most, the best is yet to come.

His story has new amazing chapters we cannot wait to see, so we will keep following his career.

Just like he recommended us, let us remember to stay healthy and look for support in the ones we love.

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