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Ryan Duncan by Rob Hookey

Photographer Rob Hookey @robhimages presents a marvelous fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model  Ryan Duncan @ryand.00 represented by Modules Management @modulesmanagement and Kult Australia @kultaustralia.

This editorial was inspired by simplicity as the photographer told us. “Recently, I have been challenging myself to create concepts that allow a location and a vibe or energy to tell a story through minimalism. This shoot was shot on an overcast day in Sydney which helped contribute to the vibe and places the focus on the model.” 

“I knew I wanted this shoot to be extremely dark and moody and to show a lot of Ryan,” he continues saying. “The mood board had a lot of natural light and backlit photos, however, I believe the location had more color than what was anticipated on the mood board, as the mood board had a lot of plain walls and limited textured backgrounds.” 

“The energy and vibes I wanted to show in these images were moods, simplicity, and natural beauty.”

Rob Hookey

As seen in the shoot, they used more textured backgrounds, adding to the narrative of the shoot. “We did also succeed in executing a lot of backlit photos, which is what I wanted.” 

The equipment used was a camera Canon EOS RP and a 50mm RF lens, and the shooting took place in Riley Street Studios, Sydney, Australia.

Model Ryan Duncan @ryand.00 represented by Modules Management @modulesmanagement and Kult Australia @kultaustralia photographed by Rob Hookey @robhimagesexclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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