Rudhraksh Jaiswal from Netflix's Movie 'Extraction' "you should believe in yourself" Rudhraksh Jaiswal from Netflix's Movie 'Extraction' "you should believe in yourself" Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Rudhraksh Jaiswal from Netflix’s Movie ‘Extraction’ “you should believe in yourself”

Rudhraksh Jaiswal @rudhrakshjaiswal1, a very lovely 16-year-old actor who is better known for his role Ovi Mahajan Jr in Netflix’s 2020 film Extraction, which also features Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour, gave us the opportunity of interviewing him! We talked about his background story, how he started his acting career and how was the experience of working with such great actors as Chris Hemsworth, as well as the career benefits of working in a Netflix movie.

Rudhraksh Jaiswal for Vanity Teen

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your background story and how did you start acting? 

A: I believe that the journey of an individual plays a very vital role in carving out his careers as well as the future possibilities that he can attain. Everybody’s journey, choices, possibilities, characteristics vary from person to person! I find myself in a state of happiness, but not forgetting about my struggles that keep backing me up so that I stay grounded at every stage every step that I take, that must benefit my welling being and altogether the people also. My journey had started in about 2013 where I hustled for 8-9months and got my first mythological series, I couldn’t have been more grateful for that.. because that was another learning that I could embrace. Then, the real struggle starts, to maintain a certain position and necessities you must achieve to be able to accomplish your dreams, I had no work after I finished my series. Then after about two years, I made a judgment for attaining greatness in life! To have things in life you never had, you have to do things you never did. So my mom (Renu Jaiswal) who does everything from the heart, relentlessly put her utmost commitment in shaping my path towards greatness… she is a wonderful person! For at least I had no work for 2 years after my series, then after implementing hard commitments in my life and with the help of my mother I was able to get advertisements and films. In 2017 I did a film called Noor. I did about 50+ advertisements and I am just hoping that my journey keeps inspiring people. 

Q: Which were some of your initial jobs as an actor? Did you enjoy them? 

A: Yes, before completely expressing my self fully to the world. I want to shed some light on the work I have done before Extraction. I did some insignificant roles, played some extras in a couple of advertisements. But it really does not define me as an actor, my characters, the films, and the love I receive after I perform, those are the building blocks that strengthen our foundation. In my first series, I did that in 2013 MAHABHARATA after that I had no work for 2 years, gradually I started getting advertisements and I just took off and there was no stopping. In 2017 I did a film called Noor. I have even done films that haven’t released but I wish to focus and become better at my craft! I love what I do, so obviously I will enjoy doing that… but I am starving for greatness which I am yet to achieve that! I always work with a mentality that my best is always yet to come so I keep on and on improving, and attaching lines to my dreams! The fire in the belly never dies off. 

Rudhraksh Jaiswal for Vanity Teen

Q: We have seen you were part of the Netflix movie Extraction. How was that experience and how is it like working with such famous actors as Chris Hemsworth? 

A: ohh, he makes the world a better place. Every move that he does inspires millions and billions of people. When he smiles it brightens the whole world with a light of hope and diligence. He is my mentor and I aspire to follow his footsteps and be under his wings! He is an incredible human being, he puts me into a state of multiple layers where you can cease your highest potential and make your dream a reality! Being around such a charismatic personality is beyond belief! He has left a significant impression on my life! The details that he enriches my life with have helped me build my inner strength. He empowers me with his lovely teachings that emerge as absolute bliss in my life! I want to be like him. Every day every week every month and every year my life 365 days I am inspired by his generosity and humbleness! He is the hero of my life, he is my idol! 

Q: Having worked in such a great production as Extraction should have opened a lot of doors for you. How has it changed your career? 

A: This film is immensely special for me, it holds a very special place in my heart. First and foremost I want to thank Sam, for bringing out the best in me and guiding me at each and every significant step that I have taken! Sam is a remarkable person, who strives for greatness and his motivation transforms my life too. I always look up to him! He is like an angel who blessed my life with extraction! Extraction has changed my thought process, of changing the lens perspective at looking for various things on life. It has added belief in my life, that I am capable of achieving wonders in my life. But the thing I want to add is, I went through some hard times that are unforgettable, I was bullied, I was nagged, people had an entitled mentality of me that I cannot achieve anything in life. But, extraction has encircled people’s life to change their perspective towards me only because of my craft and added an element of respect. we made a lot of sacrifices, we hit many low points in my life, we did a lot of struggle (running for auditions almost every day, would be back around 9 in the night, I used to study when we used to travel back forth to attend auditions, we used to wait for 2-3 hours in the queue to give the audition, I did not go down to play, just to focus on becoming better at my craft and generate more passion towards it, I was bullied in my school, I used to cry in the bathrooms without anyone knowing, I get up sometimes at 3 am in the mornings just to work harder) because when they sleep, I work hard to become better at what I do! 

Rudhraksh Jaiswal for Vanity Teen

Q: What is next for you as an actor? Can you tell us something about your future projects? 

A: I want to be a versatile actor, do various roles, I want to think outside the box… I want roles that speak to my root! But I am 110% committed to my dream and I will deliver everything I got to achieve that no matter how many obstacles act like barriers. Chris’s teachings helped me diminish all the problems and emerge as a strong person! I want to wholeheartedly thank Sam and Chris for being there for me! And helping at each and every stage! I also want to thank Joe sir for writing such an awesome script! It was an absolute pleasure to work with AGBO films they are a treasure! 

Q: How do you see yourself in the near future? 

A: As a childhood dream, I want to see myself working in the marvel cinematic universe! And do several films with Leonardo DiCaprio (it’s in my heart’s most inner desire to hug Leo) I want to do biopics so that can experience various lives, I want to do action films (an action star) I am coming for the throne… I will be on top and I believe in myself! My mother has helped me so much, she is like a blessing to my life, and I am so thankful to god! She is my teacher with incredible knowledge of everything! And I love her so so much! 

Q: Besides acting, which other hobbies do you have? 

A: Honestly I was all active on stage, plays, skit, dance, monologues, fancy dress. I always wanted to be linked to the field, so I keep working on my self. But I practice gymnastics and MMA which is known to be an excellent routine to follow for the growth of your body and mind. I keep flipping round and round, back to the monkey business but I find this as an essential need for me, that I need to practice every day! I dance a lot also, I have been working on my skills! 

Q: Could you give a piece of advice to our readers who want to start a career like yours? It can be any life experience you’ve had or professional experiences. 

A: To all the aspiring actors, I would like to covet this message that this is all about patience (about the right time and the right place) you should believe in yourself and keep working on your craft industriously! And staying grounded is very essential! And in life help others and be the way you are and never change! And stay obsessed with films! Keep smiling! Don’t worry! 

Rudhraksh Jaiswal for Vanity Teen

“I want to thank my mother for being so supportive and bringing out the best in me, she is like my acting coach and this couldn’t have been possible without her! I want to thank Sam and Chris, they both are incredible people they both one of a kind! They added colors to my life and they enlightened it with positivity. They both are the best people and I look up to them. I will be forever and ever grateful to them. The moments I said these incredible people as like a fantasy fulfilled and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for understanding me and help reach my character! I want to thank Tess mam! I want to thank Pranav and Pravesh and India takes one production! These are amazing people who were so helpful in guiding me.”

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