More is Present  is Clement Ogoh (@ogoh_clem) exclusive work for Vanity Teen. Starring Ekow Barnes (@EkowBarnes_) at Novel Models, with styling by Neil Davids (@_doneal_); Direction by Adrenus Cratons (@adrenuscraton). The editorial talks about a young man’s journey in achieving his goals in life while dealing with its weaknesses. The photographer adds:

”In a world where everyone expects us to be perfect and aim at perfection ,in a world where making mistakes is thought to be a weakness, we try to find the value in the lessons life teaches us everyday. This editorial is based on self-acceptance and the right balance, which comes from life experience. He knows his strengths and weaknesses. Obstacles in life make him only wiser and stronger; he learns from the experience, he is open to change and always faces the challenge. He knows that the only fixed thing in life is change. That’s why the foundation in life is change, acceptance and balance achieved through experience.”

A Vanity Teen Exclusive!