Prada Mode Tokyo: A Fusion of Art, Fashion, and Architecture Prada Mode Tokyo: A Fusion of Art, Fashion, and Architecture Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Prada Mode Tokyo: A Fusion of Art, Fashion, and Architecture

Prada presented the ninth edition of Prada Mode in Tokyo on May 12 and 13, in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the prestigious Teien Art Museum. The event paid homage to Japanese architecture and culture under the guidance of Kazuyo Sejima, the museum’s director, architect, and longtime collaborator with Prada.

Over two immersive days, the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum transformed into a space where guests could fully explore and appreciate art in all its forms. Kazuyo Sejima personally selected captivating works for the occasion. The event underscored the profound importance of the interconnection between art, fashion, and architecture to Prada.

The main attraction was a beautifully designed temporary pavilion by Ryue Nishizawa, featuring a curved wooden surface that framed conversations. The European garden housed the pavilion, offering visitors different spaces to explore and immerse themselves in the entire location.

The first day featured a range of activities, including conversations, workshops, tea ceremonies, musical performances, installations, and a private dinner honoring Kazuyo Sejima. The following day offered more talks, musical performances, and artistic displays, including inclusive activities for children focused on nature and its potential.

The music program for Prada Mode Tokyo was expertly curated by CRAIG RICHARDS and KUNICHI NOMURA, delivering an enchanting soundscape throughout the event.

Prada Mode Tokyo celebrated the intersection of art, fashion, and architecture, showcasing the brand’s commitment to cultural collaboration and creative exploration. This transformative event left an indelible mark on Tokyo, demonstrating the power of artistic expression.

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