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POW: Expressing Our Love Through Music

In late 2023, the fiery five-member group POW (@pow_grid) debuted under the recently formed GRID Entertainment, comprised of Yorch, a former child actor/trainee hailing from Thailand, and Hyunbin, Jungbin, Dongyeon, and Hong from Korea – with their dynamic EP Favorite acting as the pop/R&B quintet’s official introduction to the world. And through the group’s first collection of balanced, repeat-worthy songs, the rookie force embraced their very first window of opportunity to usher in a series of engaging tracks ranging in genre, skillset requirements, and sheer power, including the retro-twinged vocal masterpiece “Dazzling,” or their imaginative punk-pop fusion on the pre-release single “Favorite.”

Thankfully, just a few months later, the group has returned with their first charm-filled comeback labeled “Valentine,” keeping listeners enamored through spellbinding pop music proficiency that’s sure to become a playlist favorite. Now, after dropping the delightful EP and unveiling the allure of their recent single “Valentine,” we chatted with the humble pop group about our addiction to their songs, artistic growth, and the production process behind Favorite

Your song “Favorite” is a nice Y2K punk-twinged track that has the potential to become a fan-favorite track for years to come! What’s something you enjoyed about this song that you might not typically find in the modern pop music scene?

Jungbin: We aimed to convey POW’s distinct energy and identity to the public. We encapsulated our sincere, yet inexperienced emotions in “Favorite,” baring our hearts to love.

“Favorite” is a nice Y2K punk-twinged track that has the potential to become a fan-favorite track for years to come! What’s something you enjoyed about this song that you might not typically find in modern pop music?

Dongyeon: I think songs that share the same energy as “Favorite” are becoming more popular in the K-pop scene. However, the innocent and youthful emotions of love that we express seem to be unique to “Favorite.”

“Dazzling” has such a fun, funky ‘70s theme with so many compelling elements involved! When you take on a song that incorporates specific influences or eras of music like “Dazzling” does – what type of prep work goes into making everything feel just right? 

Yorch: Doing a deep dive into the European fashion and music of that era definitely helped.

“Slow Dancing” is more of an easygoing, vibey track that spotlights your vocal-heavy R&B skills, and I’d imagine that it offered you a lot of opportunity to challenge yourselves! From the beginning of your time as trainees together to now, who would you each say has evolved the most as a vocalist? 

Jungbin: While all of us evolved, if I had to pick one person, I would say it’s me. During my training, I preferred a stable and clean-cut vocal style. But, as I began listening to and practicing R&B, I discovered I could work with a wider spectrum of music. 

Yorch: I would pick Hyunbin. From our first meeting, I always knew that he’s a distinctive vocalist. I can see how much more dynamic his emotional expression has become. 

Hyunbin: I would say it’s me. Given that I was primarily trained in pop, I invested significant time and effort into R&B through numerous lessons. To be recognized by many of this growth indicates that I’ve evolved, doesn’t it?

Hong: I believe it’s Hyunbin. I notice him paying a lot of attention to his tone, and through that process, he’s discovered his style. Combined with his distinctive tone, it adds even more to his unique charm.

Dongyeon: I think Hong made the most significant progress.

It’s very easy to enjoy “Amazing” because it kind of feels like a little bit of classic K-pop with a fresh twist. And the music video gives it even more depth because of your skills as performers! Looking back at the entire production process, what was probably the trickiest component of this song (or its music video) to pull off? 

Jungbin: The second location for the “Amazing” music video was a soccer field, where the ground consisted entirely of sand. I remember how difficult it was to dance freely as our feet were sliding everywhere, and we kept getting sand in our mouths.  

Yorch: Dancing in soccer shoes on the music video set made it pretty tough to maintain balance. We also kept getting dirt in our eyes during our photo shoot at a different location, so it surely was a challenge!

Hyunbin: I recall the experience being physically exhausting as we constantly slid on the sand with bumpy rocks and stones scattered around. We also had to deal with the sand in the air as well. 

Hong: For me, the challenge was finding the right vocal placement in the studio. I typically rely heavily on my breath when singing, but this track demands a vocal technique that emphasizes more on sound. I paid much attention to refining my vocals. 

Dongyeon: There was a scene in the music video where we had to dance on sandy ground. My feet couldn’t find stability, making the shoot challenging. But, I also learned that sometimes you have to endure a bit of discomfort to create a phenomenal video in the end!  

Your latest release “Valentine” is a charming song that showcases your uptempo, youthful energy – but it also presents listeners with a very cohesive sound. Now that you’ve gotten more comfortable as a unit, how did your studio time for “Valentine” compare to your earliest studio sessions?

Jungbin: Our range of expression has expanded. When I was recording “Valentine”, I was able to embody more vibrant energy and rhythm than in other previous tracks. We infused the song with liveliness and brought more fun to it during the recording sessions. 

Hyunbin: During our early debut days, we occasionally lowered our tones to convey more maturity and masculinity, sometimes embodying a somewhat unnatural sound. But now, it seems that our slightly lower vocal tones have seamlessly merged with the sounds from our previous activities, creating a more pleasing sound to the ears. 

Yorch: “Valentine” presents a higher level of difficulty. Compared to our very first song, this one has many more details, which posed challenges during the recording sessions. It’s important to catch and capture every single detail in the song to execute it successfully. 

Hong: I focused more on expressing a chic and dreamy vibe through the song, as opposed to the bright and giggly energy of the previous album. 

Dongyeon: While working on the recording for our EP Favorite, some of the challenges stemmed from my limited experience and naivety. The lessons learned from that experience aided me in completing “Valentine,” where I felt more at ease and confident in the creative process.

Lastly, as a newer group looking to make an impact on the industry, what are a few qualities that you hope POW is eventually recognized for?

Jungbin: First and foremost, it’s the teamwork of the five members of POW and our musicality. We aim to be acknowledged for our talent in expressing good music and our individual talents as well as the collective charm we bring. Just as our name suggests, we aspire to spread joy and happiness to as many people as possible through POW and POW’s music.

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