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Partnerships and Collaborations in the Fashion Industry  Partnerships and Collaborations in the Fashion Industry Vanity Teen Menswear & new faces magazine


Partnerships and Collaborations in the Fashion Industry

What is that phrase that starts with “we”, and ends with “others”?

That’s right – We Rise By Lifting Others. This statement is as transparent as it reads. There is hardly anyone that can categorically say they made it to the top on their own, without the help or backing of others. Partnerships and Collaborations are important practices, and they cut across all sectors.

Merriam – Webster defines Partnership as “a relationship existing between two or more persons contractually associated as joint principals in a business.” Also, Collaboration was described as “cooperating with an agency or instrumentality with which one is not immediately connected to”.

Whilst Partnership may involve two persons or group of persons working together to achieve a common goal with a unanimous decision of who or who takes certain percentages,

Partnerships and Collaborations in the Fashion Industry  Partnerships and Collaborations in the Fashion Industry Vanity Teen Menswear & new faces magazine
Illustration by Ignacio J. Benéitez

Collaborations really just involve a group of persons working together, contributing efforts that are similar to their areas of expertise, and focusing on the uplifting of their general brands, as well as the projects they’re deciding to collectively work on. Simply put, the partnership really just evaluates the pros and cons of business as individuals involved decide primarily on the monetary aspects, while collaborations focus mainly on how best to alleviate individual and personal brands, as well as the projects these individuals have joined forces to work on.

In an industry as large as the Fashion Industry, the combined efforts and works from other industry users and enthusiasts could never be overrated. These practices when performed in a synchronized manner projects all involved brands. Although there’s a thin line between Partnership and Collaborations, these very different yet similar words should not be intertwined.

Now if you were like me – scared, and usually just minding your business alone because you are really skeptical about the involvement of others and not sure if they could run with the same vision as you, or really just trying to avoid any forms of conflict; you might have to make a few evaluations and see the light that comes with partnering and collaborating with others. Of course whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage, but when the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then Rick Riordan was right when he said “Some Risks are Worth Taking”.

Upon the validation of how collaborations in the fashion industry helps brands grow their businesses together quickly and efficiently, as they draw from each other’s strengths, collaborations also Furthers the Reach of Clients, Saves Money/Costs, Creation and Utilization of Skills, Full Exploration of Potentials, Increased Buzz about Products, and the Fostering of a Community Across Development Processes.

Fashion designers, influencers, model managers, photographers, accessory makers, makeup artists, set designers, stylists, fabric makers, and all forms of the industry’s users coming together to form an alliance could be such a powerful industrial force.

Access to excess knowledge and people, effectiveness, innovation, efficiency, resource development, stability, reputation, and even credibility are some of the numerous pluses that comes with having a team of resource and creative personnel’s that are willing to embark on such inventory space, and project similar visions as you.

Partnering and Collaborating with others really just grants you with an opportunity to further hone your skills, employ different creative ideas, and rely on the establishment of quality relationships with your individual brands, and that of others.

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