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5 Tips to starting a Successful Fashion Brand or Label 5 Tips to starting a Successful Fashion Brand or Label Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


5 Tips to starting a Successful Fashion Brand or Label

For young designers seeking to have a big break in the Fashion Industry, it is pretty difficult to infiltrate, penetrate or squeeze through all of the existing brands the industry currently houses; and the establishment of a loyal customer base is what most would describe as challenging. The continuous struggle to stay relevant and not run out of business is glaring, and it takes those with a large amount of willpower to scale through into getting that big break.

In the light of this new reality and the break of this journey, it is important to note that the Fashion Industry is pretty much one of the most saturated industries, and how better equipped you are with all of the relevant information is what would help you weather your storm when the need arises.

Find below, some of the things you need to equip yourself with as a budding fashion brand or label;

5 Tips to starting a Successful Fashion Brand or Label 5 Tips to starting a Successful Fashion Brand or Label Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Illustration by Ignacio J. Benéitez

Get an Education: Think of it as going into the examination hall to write one of the hardest courses there is. Without prior information on how best to equip yourself for this life-changing event, there’s a high percent chance that you’re most likely going to do poorly at it. The present day Fashion Industry isn’t one you venture into with just Passion and Skills. It requires so much more. Creating a proper business plan and furnishing it with the right amount of credible information immersed in passion and skills-set is really just one of the go-to menus.

A celebratory Nigerian Fashion designer and business mogul – Ohimai Atafo would always advice young designers to first involve themselves in the corporate world to learn how to run a business, before delving into the Fashion Industry. Without getting properly educated on the do’s and don’ts of running a business [as fashion designing is a business], your label would run at a loss before it even began.

Create a Niche: The times where we involve ourselves in almost anything because it relates to fashion is no longer existent. Currently, carving a niche and sticking to it is a very sure way. Of course we should plan on diversification and the exploring of different sides of the industry some day, but having a really advanced and reliable foundation on which your label is built provides new and existing customers with the brand’s values, and an incentive to patronize even more.

Click here to read my full article on How to Create a Niche in the Fashion Industry.

Be Consistent: As you grow into practicing on the brands values and market structure, Be Consistent. People want to see how well you understand the label you are projecting at them, and how best you could run with the brand’s vision. Consistency and a certain degree of firmness makes clients grasp the meaning of the brand you are selling to them, and appreciate even better the label’s mission and vision.

Quality over Quantity: Whatever you do, project your finest works as a young and growing designer. Unless you’re purposely selling products with less quality and planning to fall out of market really soon, Project Your Finest Works. People have taste, and they would always pick products of proven quality over those of less quality. This is why projecting your finest works as a designer is very important. You might not get the chance to prove your worth a second time, as opportunity may not knock on your door twice. Most people might not have the luxury of coming back to you. From your choice of fabrics to the embellishments used, or even materials for details. Remember, Quality over Quantity.

Another most important step is to Trust the Process. You might be doing everything right, and still not hitting the jackpot. Trust the process, make your mistakes, and learn from the experiences. Think of them as one of the strongest lain blocks for you to move on to the next phase of this journey. Remember, there is no Failure, only Feedbacks. Again, trust the process, and be patient with yourself.

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