Paco Rabanne Pure XS

Paco Rabanne unveils its latest fragrance: Pure XS. Following the XS franchise, starting with XS (1993) evoking sexual desire, XS Extreme (2001) and the rock fantasy that came with Black XS (2005), Pure XS is the embodiment of the XS prédécesseur under the dictum of unmeasurable and self-indulgent sex.

The face of Pure XS is no one less than Portuguese Francisco Henriques @kikohenriiques (Central Models), the epitome of pure beauty and indulgence of eroticism. According to the brand:  

”Far from the virile and monolithic male standards, this 21-year-old model exudes a disturbing erotic power. His noble beauty and juvenile freshness express both masculinity and femininity: intense charm and natural sensuality.”

Regarding its scent, described as untamed oriental fire and fresh with mouth-watering ginger and hot vanilla, the fragrance tends to have a dynamic behavior being freshly citric with icy ginger at first similar to skin shivering, but as the body warms up  with pleasure and desire, it unveils the sweetness carnality of vanilla and myrrh. 

#ExcesisveME: Discover PURE XS on Paco Rabanne available in 50 and 100ml eau de toilette.

The campaign was shot by Nathaniel Goldberg along Director Johan Renck.

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