NOWADAYS: Cube's New Rookie Group NOWADAYS: Cube's New Rookie Group Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

NOWADAYS: Cube’s New Rookie Group

Over time, it’s been proven that the K-pop company CUBE Entertainment has the ability to curate some of the most original groups in the business. Within the past several years alone, we’ve even seen the exhilarating success attached to the company’s mega-group (G)I-DLE, the inspirational evolution of PENTAGON, and more recently, the vibrancy and fresh energy of their dark horse lineup titled LIGHTSUM.

Now, after taking the time to solidify each group’s sound and style, it’s time for the debut of a brand-new vision with the launch of the company’s fifth-gen boy band NOWADAYS — CUBE’s first all-male lineup since PENTAGON in 2016. And considering the group consists of hard-working, versatile trainees and an array of seniors to pull inspiration from, there’s a strong chance that they’ll live up to the hype of the artists that came before them.

With the group’s debut EP out now, we had the privilege of speaking with NOWADAYS members to learn about their specific skill sets, industry outlooks, aspirations, and more.

NOWADAYS: Cube's New Rookie Group NOWADAYS: Cube's New Rookie Group Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
CUBE Entertainment

Congratulations on making the group, and again on your debut! How did you first react to the news that you’d be a member of CUBE’s brand-new boy band?

HYEONBIN: When I first heard about my debut, I was very excited that I could finally show my talents that I have been practicing since my trainee days.

YOON: I was very nervous when I heard the news, but at the same time I thought to myself this is just the start of my career.

YEONWOO: It felt so unreal that I was finally debuting. As I waited for this moment for a long time, the happiness I felt was even greater. As I imagined meeting our fans for the first time. I thought I needed to practice and work harder.

JINHYUK: I was very excited at the thought that I would finally debut. I felt I would need to prepare more and show confidence.

SIYUN: At first, it felt so unreal that I was debuting. I realized that I was one step closer to my dream and it was just the start. I thought to myself I would need to work even harder.

After learning that you earned a spot in NOWADAYS, what was your first impression of the group’s official lineup?

HYEONBIN: I remember I was very excited and happy, but at the same time I had to work even harder because it was just the start.

YOON: I thought that this was finally happening, and I was glad to debut with our members.

YEONWOO: I still can’t forget the expression we had on our faces as we looked at each other. Each of us had the happiest and most joyful expression, and I can’t seem to forget the overwhelming feeling I had.

JINHYUK: When I first heard the news, I was so happy. I loved the thought that I was finally able to do the career that I had been dreaming of for a long time.

SIYUN: It was the moment that I had been dreaming of every day, I was very excited. I wanted to show our fans all around the world the charms of our five members.

By the time you received your first single as NOWADAYS, what were your initial thoughts about the song “OoWee” – and how do you think it reflects the group’s identity?

HYEONBIN: I really liked how the song “OoWee” perfectly captured the freedom of five members, especially using “OoWee” in the lyrics.

YEONWOO: When I first heard the guide version of our title track “OoWee” I thought it was very trendy and cool. It truly expressed individuality well and really reflected our fresh character with curiosity very well. If I were to express it in colors, it would be like a different shade of blue blending seamlessly with each other.

Right from the beginning, fans were intrigued by your engaging teasers and exciting promo content, which can be crucial to a group’s official launch. After getting to record and film together, do you guys have any episodes that you want to share with your fans?

YOON: Since it was our first time filming, all the members were awkward which was fun to watch.

JINHYUK: I played the role of leading the Parkour team, and it was fun watching from the side as the Parkour team members freely climbed over the obstacles on the site.

SIYUN: It was my first time filming with wires on my back in the debut trailer. I was a little bit scared when my body started to float, but I remember at the end I really enjoyed filming.

If you each had to choose one song on the album that brought you out of your comfort zone – which would you choose, and why?

HYEONBIN: Our b-side track “NOW” is a very different style of music from what I usually enjoy listening to, which made it even more interesting and fun!

YOON: I chose “NOW”. This song has a strong and charismatic mood, which is different from the songs that I usually listen to.

YEONWOO: I think it’s “NOW”. I usually enjoy listening to calm music, but ‘NOW’ is a song that has a very vibrant and powerful beat, which leaves a strong impression.

JINHYUK: I would pick “TICKET”. I usually like hip-hop songs that personally think it suits me well, but I think “TICKET” can show a different side of me.

SIYUN: For me, all three songs in our album are genres that I enjoy listening to.

Coming from a label that’s been home to several influential artists – what’s been the best piece of advice you’ve received from another musician so far?

YOON: When I was a trainee, I received lessons from JINHO of PENTAGON, which helped me improve my vocal skills.

JINHYUK: The best advice that I remember is from HUI of PENTAGON. He told us, “Don’t be nervous and just enjoy” which was very memorable.

What was it like to finally step on set for your first music video, and was there that classic moment where everything felt too good to be true?

HYEONBIN: The filming experience itself was completely new for me, and I finally realized I was going to debut!

YEONWOO: From the moment I arrived at the set, everything felt fascinating. I felt grateful and glad for the numerous staff members who participated in a lot of work, the huge sets, and the expensive filming equipment. I vividly recall the smile on our members’ faces in every shot and moment of filming. Also, when our official accounts opened and our videos were released one by one, it truly hit me that our debut was just around the corner.

SIYUN: When I was shooting the music video, I realized that I was going to debut. While filming and monitoring the group dance scene, I remembered other artists’ music video scenes, and I thought that I had become an idol.

Finally, after years of training, and getting the opportunity to join this bold new group, what’s one reason you’re each proud to be a member of NOWADAYS?

HYEONBIN: I believe that every member of NOWADAYS takes responsibility for their roles and is incredibly talented, and that is what I am most proud of!

YOON: I’m mostly proud of my fellow members. Due to my relatively short time as a trainee compared to other members, they motivate me to learn from them, both in terms of mentality and skills.

YEONWOO: I’m very proud to debut in such a great company with great members. Especially having 4 of my members in the same group is what I am most proud of.

JINHYUK: I’m proud that all our members are good-looking and full of charms.

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