Nineteen Seventy Two by Rob Hookey Nineteen Seventy Two by Rob Hookey Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Nineteen Seventy Two by Rob Hookey

“Nineteen Seventy Two” is Waanyi-Ngadjon photographer Rob Hookey @_robhookey exclusive for Vanity Teen. The story features model Valentin Celerse @valentin_clrs at Priscillas Models @priscillasmodels.

“This editorial is inspired by the chilled vintage fashion and older style building this was shot in. I am currently obsessed with 70’s style buildings, fashion, film and polaroid photos so this editorial combines all of those elements with a slight edgy feel. I think this shows edgy fashion and beautiful features of the model which is what I wanted to stand out most.” photographer Rob Hookey commented about the shoot.

Nineteen Seventy Two

Valentin Celerse @valentin_clrs at Priscillas Models @priscillasmodels photographed by Rob Hookey @_robhookey Creative direction, photography, and styling by Rob Hookey. Exclusive for Vanity Teen!

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