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Nico by Frederic Willem Lambert

Photographer Frederic Willem Lambert presents a very natural and beautiful fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Nico @nico_grk, who is represented by Dominique Models Brussels @dominiquemodels_official.

“I was asked by Dominique Models to do a shoot with this stunning new face model Nico to build his portfolio,” says the photographer. “I accepted without hesitating because I think this young Belgian model has a particular face and great looks that can work very well in the fashion industry. So we did this shoot without a lot of preparation. Nico did his own styling. We did not prepare any mood board. We just met and went to some places in my neighborhood to make some pictures guided by chance. I like to work this way. If you’re lucky you can find some surprising sceneries. And I think we did!”

“Although Nico has not done a lot of shooting before he felt very confident. He moves very well before the camera and there was a lot of interaction between us. He loves modeling and I enjoyed the day.”

The photographer used his Canon Eos 5D Mark IV and different lenses with natural light only, but as he says, “the equipment is just a tool to realize your image. The subject and the eye of the photographer are more important than the equipment. Of course, you need a reliable camera that can do the job, but I see photographers making stunning pictures with their iPhones these days as well.”

Model Nico @nico_grk represented by Dominique Models Brussels @dominiquemodels_official photographed by Frederic Willem Lambert, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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